Dorming With The Jocks

Chapter. 20-

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Kent tossed me my zip up hoodie before grabbing his own shirt. For once we were both waking up at the same time for classes. It was nice to have Kent in the room with me for once in the morning, but also felt weird getting dressed with him in the room as well. 

“Don’t you have that test today in bio?” Kent asked, pulling his shirt over his head and I stole one last peek at him before he was completely covered. 

“Yeah unfortunately, I feel like I didn’t study enough,” I mumbled, facing my dresser and pulling out a pair of socks. Kent took a few steps towards me, reaching out to brush my hair from my back over my shoulder. Before either one of us could say another word, something slammed against our window, causing both of us to jump. 

“What the hell?” Kent rushed to our window to glance outside. It was pouring rain and extremely windy, small branches and debris were flying through the air. “I didn’t know it was supposed to storm,” 

“Do you think-” I wasn’t able to finish my sentence before the lights flickered off and all power went out. “Kent!” 

Suddenly Kent’s hand was grabbing my arm and pulling me into him, soft laughter escaping his throat in the darkness. 

“You’re not scared of the dark are you?” Even though I couldn’t see his face I knew the exact expression he had at the moment. 

“Hey! Everyone get downstairs!” We heard Charlie start yelling from in the hallway before he started kicking open doors. Everyone was using their phone’s flashlights to navigate out of our rooms and down the hall. Kent stayed right behind me the whole time, holding onto the bottom of my t-shirt, down the stairs and into the large recreational room in the lobby of our dorm. 

When we got down there we saw Mr. Finn, standing on one of the coffee tables and holding two flashlights. I heard Kent take a sharp breath in before grabbing me by the waist and pulling me behind him, out of Mr. Finn’s view. 

“Chunk, get over here,” Kent whispered to Chunk who only stood a few feet away from us. Chunk understood the mission without Kent having to say anything. I hadn’t felt like my time at this school could possibly be at stake until now, knowing the boys were hiding me from Mr. Finn to avoid further questions. Whether me staying in the boys dorm was a mix up or not, I didn’t want to move anymore. Even if a room in the girls dorm opened, I wanted to stay with Kent. 

“Alright, everyone listen up! Quiet down!” Mr. Finn’s loud voice called out and slowly everyone stopped talking, “Obviously the power is out, I don’t know how long it’s going to be out so don’t ask me. We are being instructed by the Principal to stay indoors at all times, do not attempt to leave the building. All classes are cancelled for today so I would use today as a study day, a day to catch up on reading and all of your classes,” 

Mr. Finn gave the group of boys a pointed look, knowing that none of them were going to be getting any studying done today. Taking a deep breath, looking more tired and annoyed than anything, Mr. Finn rubbed his temples before continuing. 

“Don’t burn the building down,” Mr. Finn promptly nodded, hopped off the coffee table and walked out the front doors, into the storm. 

“Didn’t he just say we aren’t supposed to go outside?” Jayden asked loudly, the group of boys bursting in laughter while Sid locked the front doors of the building. 

“Now that no one can get in or out,” Sid announced, turning to the boys and I with an excited smile, “It’s time to party!”

Loud cheers erupted through the sea of boys before everyone scattered. It was scary how everyone seemed to know what to do in this moment, like they had trained for this. A group of boys led by Chunk were pushing up the ceiling tiles and handing down bottles of alcohol, while Kent, Charlie and Ryan pulled out three tables from one of the closets. Jayden and Jace had ran upstairs to grab two dozen red solo cups and Sid returned from the office with three cases of Coors Light beer. 

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