Doreamon -- The Last Episode

Hey, my lovely readers!

Hey, my lovely readers! This is just a random chapter to tell you guys how much those votes and comments mean to me. Love you all so much! I also have another account. Follow it you’d like 🙂 StarGirl_04 Thanks in advance.

I’ve been writing the story in the other account. Her Dark Past. Here is a small description. Check the story out. That’d mean a lot.

Jade Fitzgerald is the daughter of a Billionaire. She had recently took over her father’s firm. Unlike most of the rich ladies, she isn’t all about being fashionable and carefree. She is a very independent and bold woman.

But let’s take a look at her past before judging her….

She was once described as a naive 19 year old girl. She was mostly invisible at high school.

But then she knew that having a naive personality will only make her life  downcast. After that one incident that took place in her life, she totally changed for good hoping to forget all about her past and live the moment.

Just when she finally learns to let go, everything starts all over again. Her story didn’t end yet. But this time, it wasn’t a guy. It was a whole gang.

She realized that forgetting and hiding her past won’t help. Will she be able to make it out of the mess that her naiveness caused? Will she be able to avenge her enemies and bring back peace? Read on to know….


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