Don't Chase Me [Cheater!Levi Ackerm...

Bonus #2 - Wedding

  “Cause when I mess up, you never give up your love ..”


The day had finally come.

It’d been a long journey, full of tribulations, but it’d finally come.

The day of your wedding.

And you’d never been so nervous.

Packing up and leaving Levi had been one thing. That was something you had to do – for both your sakes. But here you were; pacing with a pounding heart in the back room of a church, in a pretty white dress about to marry the love of your life. The love that had continually proven for two and a half years that he was all yours once more.

The wandering eyes had stopped, and he never went near a bar. He allowed you on his phone whenever you wished. His shell cracked farther open, and you’d finally gotten to see him cry. Levi was an open book now, flashing you more of his rare smiles than you’d ever see before. Though you could always see the regret swimming in the back of his irises.

It was always there.

And some times were worse than others. You knew Levi tried not to dwell on it – he was a different person then – but there were times it attacked his conscience with a vengeance. Nights and days like those, he’d hold you so close it hurt and do nothing but mutter apologies and musings about how much he loved you.

It pained you, but part of you knew it served him right.

Those who knew of the goings on between you two, disapproved of the wedding. Though you knew they’d come anyway; Mikasa was your maid-of-honor after all. Hanji had tried to wriggle her way into the spot, but you wanted Mikasa and the insane brunette couldn’t argue with the bride.

“[Name], calm down,” Hanji said, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You shook her off, while Mikasa said, “Maybe she’s having second thoughts.”

You glared at her, “Look, we’ve told you that everything is sorted. Levi wouldn’t do it again.”

“Those women are coming to your wedding, are you honestly okay with that?” countered the raven haired girl evenly.

You sighed, plopping down on a stuffed ottoman. “No – but we want to prove something. Especially to Chuck. Besides, strange as it seems, there were girls who refused to sleep with him because they felt guilty. And Levi said that he can have the police escorts take them away if, either, he or I get uncomfortable and he refuses to talk or be alone with any of them. Trust me, Mikasa, Levi and I have this whole thing sorted out.”

Mikasa tched, rolling her eyes some. She didn’t believe you and, though you worried greatly about a relapse from Levi, you had all of your trust him.

Levi was just as nervous as you on the other side of the church, though he didn’t show it. Instead, he sat rigidly staring at a wall. His groomsmen chatted and joked, but Levi had hardly said a word all morning. His heart was pounding like crazy, sweat licking his palms.

This was happening.

You were really going to do it – you were really going to marry him, even after all he’d done.

Guilt had worn a sore hole in his chest long ago, and he regretted inviting the accessory to his adultery. All it did was salt his wound. But he had to do it, he had to face them. They were ghosts – demons – that taunted his nightmares. The succubi that, in his dreams, took you away and chained you up to torture you in front of him. Or, rather, used him to torture you.

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