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Word Count: 1817

Recommended by my wife, my life, my everything: soadism

It’s based off of them people who dress up as mermaids and swim around for kids at the aquarium (Idk if that’s confusing but I get it)

Dream Pov


Niki was always impatient.

I told her we could go to see the fishes if she behaved all week, it kept her quiet.

Niki is my daughter.

I was a dumb 18 year old and so five years later, I have a super energetic 4 year old.

It was just me and her.

When I came out as gay, Niki’s mom left her to me.

I think she moved to England.

I pick Niki up and fasten her into her booster seat.

It only takes 10 minutes to get to the aquarium.

Niki drags me through the entrance and up to the desk.

She holds up her hand and the employee wraps a wristband around her small hand.

I chuckle under my breath, “Wait up Niki”

“Sorry, she’s just super excited” The woman behind the counter laughs, “Aren’t they all?”

I give her a warming smile whilst she puts on my wristband.

“One of the mermaids will be on show in five minutes if you want to head there first” 

I nod, “You wanna go see a mermaid Niki?” She begins to jump up and down “MERMAID, MERMAID!”

I knew that it would just be someone dressed up with a tail, but I didn’t want to spoil it for her.

I pay the employee before starting to follow the signs, directing us towards the mermaid tank.

Niki lets out a squeal before letting go of my hand and running up to the massive tank.  

“Daddy, it’s a merman!”

She puts her hand up to the glass and the merman does the same, giving her a high five.

‘Woah’ I think as I get a good look at the boy.

His hair flowed through the water above his head, it was black but I’m sure it would dry to be a brunet colour. 

He had two different eyes, one a baby blue and the other a chocolate brown, I wasn’t sure whether they were a part of his outfit or his real eyes.

He had a cute, squared out smile ( Like this :] ) He wasn’t like a stick, but he also wasn’t buff, he had light abs.

He rose from the water, I’m assuming for air.

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