Discovering Jessica

A Finale.

Chapter Twenty-One: A Finale.

Parker’s POV

“You know I’ve always pictured you pregnant.” I tell Jessica as I rub her bare stomach with my left hand.

Jessica sighs and squirms her body deeper into my chest. “Your ring is super cold on my belly.” She giggles. “Also, I don’t think that the image of me pregnant is the greatest image for you to have of me.”

“Why not? I didn’t get to see you pregnant with Eli so I’ve always had to imagine it.” I tell her honestly. “Besides, I think it’s cute.”

“Speaking of Elliot, we should really go to wake him up now. He’s going to the amusement park with Daniel, remember?” Jess reminds me as she tries to get up.

“Hold on!” I reach out and grab Jess’ arm before she leaves. I then rest my lips on her belly and whisper a quiet ‘I love you’ before looking up at Jessica who beams down at me. “I can’t wait to meet her.” I give her belly on last kiss before Jessica leaves to go wake up Elliot in his room.

It’s not long before I hear the bounding of footsteps leading up to our room. Elliot’s little body comes into our door frame and before I know it he’s jumped up on our bed.

“Daddy, guess what?” Elliot excitedly shouts at me.

“What is it?” I ask him with an equal amount of excitement.

“Uncle Danny is coming over!” He squeals just as Jessica comes into the room, her stomach in plain view in the old shirt of mine that she is wearing.

“I know!” I tell him before picking him up. “That’s why you should be getting ready, monkey.” I say, leading Elliot back to his room so that I can get him dressed and ready before his big day with his uncle.

“Uncle Danny said that we were going to have so much fun today. He told me on the phone.” Elliot explains as I set him down on his bed. Elliot’s dressed within half an hour and he’s bouncing down the stairs when I hear a knock on the door.

“You go eat some breakfast and I’ll let Danny in.” I tell Elliot as he nods his head before walking into the kitchen where I hear Jessica greet him.

As I walk to the door, I can feel a little of Elliot’s excitement wearing off on me. Daniel wasn’t home much because of his position in the military so this was a big deal for him to be home.

“Morning!” Daniel says immediately once I’ve opened the door.

“Hey, come on in. Elliot has not stopped talking about you since we woke him up.” I tell him once he’s walked through the door. We hug each other in the entryway before breaking apart not too long after.

“I’m glad because I have some exciting news for all of you.” Daniel tells us. “I’m getting married.” He blurts, obviously not wanting to hold in the secret much longer.

“Congratulations! It’s about time.” I laugh as Daniel grins even bigger, if that’s even possible. “Come on, now you have to go tell Jess.”

As soon as we enter the kitchen, Elliot is hugging Daniel with a bright smile on his face. “Uncle Danny.” Eli says.

“Hey buddy.” Daniel smiles, ruffling Eli’s hair just as Elliot pulls away from him. Daniel then turns to Jess and her protruding stomach. “Hey little sis or should I say very pregnant sis.” Daniel laughs.

“I’m glad that you’re home, Daniel.” Jessica says, shaking her head at Daniel’s craziness. She then goes in to give him a hug.

“Daniel actually has some news.” I tell Jessica, who’s eyebrows immediately quirk upwards at the new information.

“I’m getting married.” Daniel excitedly tells Jessica. Elliot smiles from his seat at the kitchen table as he shovels cereal into his mouth.

“Congratulations!” Jessica exclaims. “Now who’s the unlucky girl?” She jokes.

“Hilarious, Jess. And actually you already know her.” Daniel says, quietly saying the last piece of information.

“Who? Who is she?” Jess presses as Daniel squirms a little uncomfortably.

“Hanna, you know, from high school.” Daniel admits, trying to look away from Jess so that he doesn’t have to see her surprise. Jessica’s expression only mirrors happiness though as she hugs Daniel for another time.

“I’m so happy for the both of you.” She tells him. I can see from her face that she is being genuine about all of this too.

“You aren’t upset? I know that she isn’t proud of how things happened in high school and I know how much she did hurt you.” Daniel professes.

“I forgave her a long time ago, she’s apologized too. People make mistakes, you know that as best as I do. Besides, you can’t help who you love.” When Jessica says the last part she looks directly at me before turning back to Daniel. “I’m just happy that everything has worked out for all of us.”

Jessica’s face is an open book when she says this. I can tell that she’s thinking about how far we have all come from when Daniel and I had first come home. She’s thinking about our relationship starting up again and Daniel forgiving us. She’s thinking about Jane and Ricky and Justin and Sofia. She’s also thinking about Elliot who has grown up in a loving home with his two parents and his amazing family only a few minutes away.

Her statement couldn’t have been more truthful too, everything had worked out for all of us.


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