Did I Ever (KimChay SS)

Part 16.5 (Extra)

Hello all! Here with an update!! I know i left the previous chapter in a cliffhanger of sorts. But i thought we could use a litter chapter before the emotional ones. Hope you like it .. see ya at the end.


(Timeline : before chapter 16)

At university,

Chay yawned aloud stretching his arms and neck, as soon as the professor had collected their papers and left the class. Having not slept properly for the past week due to their continuous exams, Chay felt completely drained just by the end of the morning test. He fell onto his desk, almost passing out immediately in tiredness, thankfully they didn’t have any lecture till afternoon. With the blurry image of his seatmate walking toward the desk, Chay dozed off into a short, deep slumber. Feeling a small itch on his forehead, Chay finally let his consciousness feel the numbing pain of his arm under his head. He opened his eyes to see a familiar smiling face looking down at him.

           “‘Cau? What time is it?” he questioned with a low, groggy voice and hearing no response from Macau, he straightened up in his seat. Rubbing his eyes out of sleep, “Is the class about to start?” he asked again. Macau shook his head with a steady smile in response, Chay glanced down at his watch and saw that only 30 minutes had passed. He yawned stretching his hands again, when he noticed the girls from the first row were looking at him. Feeling a little uneasy, he looked away to see a couple of boys walking in the class smiling at him too. He narrowed his eyes in confusion and looked around to see everyone ducking their faces into conversation while trying to control their smile and laughs.

             “Wh…what the hell…Macau?” he turned toward Macau only to find his seat empty, he looked around to see him by the door, stifling his laughter. Alerted by his wicked look, the realization hit him. Chay at once touched his face making Macau and the rest of his friends burst into laughter. Silently cursing Macau, Chay at once got up from his desk and ran toward Macau, who had already run away. Barely minding the drawing on his face, Chay chased Macau around the corridor while the latter filled the space with loud laughter.

“Damn you, Macau! I’m gonna kill you!!” Chay cursed for the nth time as he harshly rubbed his wet fingers over Macau’s scribblings on his face. Almost chasing Macau for 20 minutes, Chay gave up and ran to the senior’s bathroom on the floor above theirs, to avoid being seen by more people. Though most of the ink from the forehead was gone, he could still see the writing marks, making him angrier and more frustrated. Splashing more water on his hand, he was about to rub his cheeks but stopped when he saw the wording. KIM’S. A small smile slowly quivered over his wet lips, “Seriously…Idiot!” he muttered again not sure of whom he was scolding. He could almost picture the content smile on Kim’s face if he were to see it now. Chay’s eyes moved from his cheeks to his eyes, across the mirror.

           At once Chay shook his head coming out of his thoughts, feeling both embarrassed and angered. He closed his eyes trying to shift his anger from himself to Macau again. “Get a grip Chay!” he muttered to himself. Taking a deep breath, Chay was about to rub it off too, when a strong hand caught his wrist stopping him. Chay yelped shocked by the sudden presence in the empty bathroom. He turned to shout at the person but froze as soon as he saw another familiar face. “P’Kim!?” Chay whispered in disbelief, as his mind went on a speed drive. On the contrary, Kim just calmly smiled at Chay with a firm hold over the latter’s wrist. “You’re gonna hurt yourself if you keep rubbing like this, Chay!” Kim spoke almost sending shivers down Chay’s neck with his soft, low voice.

It took him a minute to feel a slight heat raising in his cheeks under Kim’s loving gaze, making Chay blinked out of his shock. Realizing he was just blankly staring…or gawking at Kim now, Chay at once lowered his head to hide his reddening face. Covering half of his face, Chay tried to free the other hand from Kim’s hold, while the latter softly chuckled at his efforts. With his eyes fixed on his boy, Kim transferred Chay’s wrist to his other hand before taking out a kerchief and wetting them in the tap. “Let me help you!” he announced stepping closer to Chay, who at once looked up in surprise. Chay tried to protest “No…I..” but was cut off when Kim placed his cold fingers over his lips.

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