Destroying a Monster (Xavier)


It is posted under my page as ‘Saving An Angel’

Badass girl won 😂

I wrote this fast ignore the mistakes. I am only putting this intro on here and when I get a few chapters in, I will publish on Wattpad.

And please comment what you think before I get to far into it, this chapter started writing itself 😂

Lennox I heard the front door slam into the wall as Gunner stumbled into the house after another night of drinking. God, I was over it. He couldn’t hold his alcohol for shit and was always very temperamental when he got home. He moved towards the kitchen, where I was cleaning up the dishes after having another dinner alone. He let out a loud belch and I looked at him in disgust rolling my eyes. “What are you looking at, bitch?” He snapped before reaching out for me. Before he touched me, Bruce, who had been laying on the floor let out a deep growl. Gunner froze, then glared down at my dog. Before I knew it, he pulled back and kicked the shit out of Bruce causing him to yelp. “Fuck off, mutt!” I gasped. “You don’t touch my dog, you bastard!” I yelled, leaning down to check on Bruce. He was fine but that was my fucking baby! I stood, glaring at Gunner. He swayed slightly as he looked over me and his eyes seemed glazed over. I’m over this shit! I am better than this asshole! “Bruce, come on bud.” I patted my leg for him to follow me. “Where do you think you’re going?” Gunner asked. “I’m leaving!” As I went to turn, my hair was grabbed and yanked back with enough force to cause me to lose my balance. I caught myself on the counter and looked up at Gunner in shock. That turned out to be a mistake because the next thing I knew a sharp slap was delivered to my cheek causing my head to whip to the side. I glared down into the kitchen sink, as the taste of blood slowly filled my mouth. “You are not going anywhere, bitch! You are mine!” I didn’t move to look at him. I waited for him to step back, knowing I couldn’t over power him. When I stayed quiet, he huffed and went to turn away. I took the chance to grab the cast iron pan from the stove and bash it into the side of his face as hard as possible. Gunner fell to the frowned with a loud thump, knocked out cold. “I said I’m leaving.” I smirked down at his motionless body before dropping the pan onto his head and stepping over him to leave.

I had been driving for about two hours knowing that the only place to go when you were lost was back home. Bruce was sitting beside me with his big head hanging out the window. “Brucie, I cannot believe I wasted two years on that bastard! I’m sorry I ever met him.” He looked at me, and in the dark car I could only see his tongue hanging out his mouth. I reached over petting him. “Mommy is never going to let anyone hurt you again.” It was about four am when I pulled into the long driveway hidden from the road by thick woods. I hadn’t been home I awhile but I automatically felt safer seeing the clubhouse come into view. Even at four am, there were always some guys awake. I parked my ’67 mustang beside the line of bikes and waited for Bruce to jump out before shutting the door and walking up the wooden steps. I knocked on the door and in less then a second, it swung open. I looked up at my shocked brother. “Hello, Jeff. Miss me?”

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