Darmiyaan ♡ [| Os , Ts book |]

❥ Itemaad ( trust ) - Ts

——-Ts based on upcoming episode ❤️Here ,the whole family went to the Village for some work..

I didn’t wanted their interuption 😌✋. This is gonna a long update 😌



Meerab falls from the terrace

” Open ur eyes DAMN IT…!!

Meri sassein atak rahi hai..jaise lag raha hai maar jaunga….”

He said and was crying badly nuzzling in her neck…




Terrace of khan Haveli

” Mere kirdar pe koi Ungli uthaye…yeh mujhe bardash nahi! “

Grabbing his collar she pulled him close to her … locking her eyes with him…and said in hurtful tone..

She felt insulted..When he questioned her character .

Did he ever trust her ?

He claims that he loves her ..

Is he playing games or with the feelings ?

Isn’t the one whom we love a trustworthy ? Bcoz he is not at all trusting her !

She gulped her tears but as usual they betrayed her and started accumulating in her eye..

She has started to believe that… weather someone will be her side or not..he will be always there for her…

But her bubble of happiness burst with all dreams

Her mind told ..there is no need to a person who don’t trust you ..

But for the sake of their relationship..her heart decided to Speak to him…make every things clear..

” Maine tumse kal bhi kaha tha murtasim..Ajj bhi keh rahi hu…Mai Karachi rohel se Milne nahi gayi thi…Saba se milne gayi…”

Her voice choaked..as if..she was finding difficulty to even speak and her tear which escaped from her eyes were the proof of them…how much hurt she is ..

Murtasim’s body shivered.. listening her voice..a goosebumps travelled in his body.. realising the intensity of her voice…

He wanted to hug her …and rub her tears ..but the new facts that he got to know..that meerab met him in the restaurant…made him take a step back from her …

Seeing murtasim stepping back…she understood he is not going to believe her …

she fear of getting abodened was filling her heart since yesterday..and it was building strongly in her heart ..

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