Daddy's Babygirl (COMPLETED)

Chapter 1 (somewhat edited)

Sophia’s POV

My name is Sophia. I’m a little in the ddlg community and also a werewolf. When I’m little I act younger then I actually am, usually 3-5. A lot of the time I am in my head space, but I can be more of an adult when I want to be. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and fair skin. I’m only around 4’11 and I weight about 130 pounds. I’m 18 year old and live in a foster home with Mrs. Rose and a bunch of other foster kids. I have been in foster care since I was 6, due to the murder of my parents.

Walking into the kitchen I smell bacon and eggs which is being cooked by our chef. He’s a pack member but loves to cook so Mrs. Rose hired him. Once I sit at the dinner table I’m quickly handed my plate. Saying thank you, I dig in.

All the kids from ages 14 to 17 come running down the stairs and to the table. They get their plate, there are ten all together. Once I’ve finished eating, I hear Mrs. Rose yelling for me and make my way to her office.

As Mrs. Rose rambles on about something I see a bunch of cars racing down the road. All of them look very expensive and not many people come to our pack.

“Sofia are you listening to me?” I then snap back to reality as Mrs. Rose questions.

“N-o, I’m sowwy,” I say almost in tears.

“Darling don’t cry it is alright,” Mrs. Rose says standing from her chair to come hug me. I hug her back and tell her I’m sorry two more times before I calm down and tell her that I’m ok.

“Ok well there is a man that wants to see all unmated female werewolf’s today,” Mrs. Rose spoke quietly.

“Does that mean I get to go to the pack house?” I asked a little excited. I don’t get to go to the pack house often.

“Yes, now give me a second so I can tell Tyler that he has to come with you to make sure you stay out of trouble,” Mrs. Rose spoke and started to mind link Tyler. Tyler is probably my best friend other than my stuffies. He has been there for me through everything.

Tyler came into the room and stood beside me and said, “Yes, how may I be of service?” I giggled as he smiles towards me.

“Tyler you will be going with Sofia to the pack house to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble,” Mrs. Rose spoke to Tyler but smiled my way when she said trouble. Ok I know what your thinking me get into trouble no but I do a lot I’m not a very good listener if you couldn’t tell.

“I am fine with that. When do we leave?” Tyler ask.

“You leave in 30 minutes. Oh and Tyler help Sofia get dressed and make sure her clothes match for once,” Mrs. Rose said laughing.

“Ok I will” Tyler said chuckling. I pulled him out of the office and to my bedroom. It was pink all over. The curtains were pink, the bed sheets were pink, even my dresser was pink. It was fit for a princess.

I run over to my closet and pick out an outfit. Of course Tyler had to make sure it matched, “Let me see it before you put it on to make sure it matches.”

I showed it to him and he said that the shirt didn’t match the shorts so he made me pick a different one till I got something that matched. After about five minutes I found one that fit. I then made Tyler help me put it on cause it is super hard to take clothes off for some reason. I just can’t do it. So after he helped me I looked in my floor length mirror and looked at my self.

I wore my favorite panda hoodie with black jeans and my converse. I also made sure to change my phone case to my panda one. It had pandas all over it.

“It’s time to go Sofia,” Tyler told me softly.

“Ok but can you give me a piggy back ride?” I asked pouting and siting cross legged on the floor with my hands in my lap.

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