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The final Goodbye

This story is finally coming to an end. Im Sorry i havent posted more, but I am happy that you guys have enjoyed my story. I appreciate all the votes and comments you guys have left me. I love looking at the comments u guys leave me and all the views and votes. Thank you all so much. I hope to post another, new, story I hope u guys will check it out. A Speaciall thanks to those that helped with my 20 minutes in heaven story. Thank you. that story is also at its end. Anyway, some very special people want to say good bye, so here they are.

“What!? No, it’s not true!” You had tears pouring down eyes as you discovered the worst news ever. “I’m sorry….””You knew? You all knew?” Jeff’s girlfirend said. You all had gathered at Slenders mansion and no one understood.”Listen, My name is Kade, Kade the killer. What they are saying is true. We thought we could do one more thing before u all woke up…” I told you. You had discovered that everything u have been through together, was only a dream. Everything you and your boyfriends experienced, felt, did; it was all just a coma induced dream. “But it all feels so real.” Slendy’s gf said. “Because you’ve been dreaming for so long. It may seem that you guys have been together for four years, but it’s only been nine months in the real world and your families are worried about you. You need to be with them.” I explained. The boys looked at their gfs and hugged them tightly. “We asked Kade here for a favors before you left.” Slender said. They all looked at each other and then at me.”Whats going on?” Eyeless gf said. “Eyeless, you first.” I said, he took his gfs hand and looked her in the eyes. “Remember that day I asked you to marry me?” He told her. She gasped and tears poured down her cheeks. “I’m not going to do that whole speach thing, but I want to try and get you all the same time so I need you to stand next to each other.” I told them. They all did as I told them and held their gfs close to them and held their hands tightly.”Do you, Laughing Jack, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN drowned, Ticci Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Dark Link, and Eyeless Jack, take your girlfriends/ Fiancé’s to be you beloved wife to have and to hold forever as you all shall live?” I told them.”We do!” They all said at once they tightened their hold on their gfs hands. “Do you (LJ, Slender, Jeff, Ben, Masky, Hoodie, Toby, Link, EJ gfs ) take your man has your beloved husband to have and hold as long as you shall live and hold in your hearts.”They all stood silent as tears ran down their cheeks and they all looked into the eyes of their beloved. “We do.” They said.The sad emotional s in this room is enough to make me cry. I took in a deep breath. “Then, I now pronounce Husband and wives. You may kiss your brides.” As i finished they all kissed each other for the last time.

Your POv.

When u kissed ur husband everything went black and you heard worried voices faintly screaming.When you opened up your eyes, you we’re in a large room, hooked up to a bunch of machinery and your saw your family quickly rushing to your side with tears in their eyes.”Thank God your alright!” Your mother said crying her eyes out. You looked over out a window and muttered only three words.

I love u….

Im Sorry its short and it doesnt make sense, but I hope you liked it.

Lj: goodbye my love, I will always be in your dreams.

Slender: I’ll always be in your heart.

Jeff: I will always be with you if you need to talk. Just dream about me.

BEN: I will always keep u in my heart and I’ll always watch you.

Hoodie: I’ll show you all the drawing i made for you when you dream of me.

Toby: Ill be watching over you my sweet love. No matter what.

Link: I’ll miss talking to you but I will never forget all the time we spent together. I willa always watch over you.

Eyeless: our time will never end if you think about me. I love you more than anything.

Me: they will always protect you.

All: Goodbye my love! See you again in your dreams.

Thank you for reading my short story and I hope u liked it. I’m happy you guys left me all the reads comments and votes and I’m so sorry for any mistakes that are in this story. I hope to see u guys again soon. If you liked this story please check out my other stories ‘strange magic’ and “lonely and loved’ Thank and…


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