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“I saw that you were perfect and I loved you, then I saw you were not perfect and I loved you even more. ” I said to him crying. He said “I hate you. So let’s forget each other, try to pretend the other doesn’t exist.”

I cry more and say “But deep down we both know it wasn’t supposed to end like this.”

Isabella Miller 17 year old high school student. Lives with her grandparents. Shifted to new school owned by Ryder Jones.

Ryder Jonas 21 year old teacher/ gang leader of the largest gang in America. Owns a school. Ruthless, arrogant and does not trust people easily.

Find out why they are not perfect. Why they love/hate each other. What will happen when Isabella past comes haunting her.


Lily bumped into someone in airport, they both dropped their phone. Man being in hurry pick up one of the phone and leaves.

Lily pick other phone and put it in her pocket. Only to realize after an hour that her phone got swapped.

The only thing she is worried about is her phone does not have any lock and it has many secrets and embarrassing pictures of her. Lily is not any girl, she is a sole hire of Maxwell Hotel chains.

Will the other person use it against her? Who could be the man? Will she ever get her phone back? Find out what happens when two individual bump into each other and have their phones switched.

It is a sequel to “I’m Not Perfect.” If you have not read the book no problem. It’s not related much. Just a small part in the end about Ryder and Isabella.


A nerd who has a secret life of a street racer and a new boy trying to figure out himself. In a way both their paths cross.

Both of them have trust issues and don’t talk to many people. It’s there last year of school and they plan to complete the year without any drama.

But what has present and future planned for them let’s find out.

With past chasing them. It’s a roller coaster ride so hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

It is a sequel to “The Phone Swap.” But if you have not read the book Phone Swap there won’t be a problem as both the books are not related. Just mention of main characters.


A reckless girl, but kind hearted. She is beautiful but never believe in herself. Her only aim is to get away from her family.

That’s what she thinks but when you get to know her she is more than just troublemaker. She is a lost child that needs love and attention she never got.

A boy smart, kind, handsome and has everything, that’s what other think about him. But when you get to know him he is not perfect as people think about him.themHe needs help but will never ask for it, for him everyone’s happiness is above his.

What will happen when these two meet. Will they be able to help each other or will them meeting create more trouble for them.

Follow their journey to find out more about.

This is my new book called “Crazy Beautiful You.” It is not linked to any other book in the past.

I hope you will like this book too as much as you have liked the others. Please do comment and let me know what you think about this book.


I fell down on the floor and cried “How can they spoil my sixteenth birthday? They knew how happy and excited I am on my birthday, but they still spoiled it. I hate them! How can you agree with your parents.”

He said “I was forced too! If I knew you were just 16 then I would have never come to New York and stayed in Cambridge. We still have two years we will figure out something. Anyways happy birthday little one, stop crying. I brought chocolates as a gift for you, but my mother wanted me to give you something valuable so she brought this earring for you from my side. I hope you like it.” I still crying asked him “You sure? We will get out of this mess?” He said “Yes! I am sure. I will take care so stop crying little one.” I nodded believing his words and washed my face and went back with him.

Follow the journey of Ian and Sara to find out more. Will Sara’s trust break or will Ian actually keep his promise. Find out more about them. Are they actually fated or not?

This is a new book and not related to any of the above mentioned. 


It all started with tinder…..Or maybe not…..Story of Samantha ColtonHer tinder match WineHer father’s business associate’s son Bryan.Will it be love triangle ?Can anyone actually find love on tinder?Are people on tinder real?

Too know more you will have to read what’s inside.

Please check out my new story “IT’S A MATCH” and do comment about how you liked it.

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