Cooking for my Ex-Boss

Author's Notes

Cooking for my Ex-Boss

Hi I am Angelia and this is my first book that I ever wrote. I hope you like the story as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

Copyright © AngeliaNyo TM 2019

All rights reserved.

Do not copy any of the contexts from this story.

Do not translate this story in any language.

Any similarities or resemblance of any person or events are pure coincidence. (I tried to use my imaginations to the fullest!)

I am new to writing, thus it may not be perfect and has flaws.

This story include foreign languages where I used google translate for help, so please excuse the translation if it doesn’t make much sense.

I will update the story at least once a week or better still maybe twice a week! Stay tune!

Thank you and enjoy!

-Angelia Nyo-

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