Contract revenge

Chapter 28 - New Year

Isabella clark

We were already inside of Alex’s friend’s club and he was right, the building wasn’t quite far from the opera house but, the opera house itself looked kinda far from there which made me frowned when i saw it. But I couldn’t do anything except following wherever he goes.

When we got into the club he introduced me to so many of his friends until he had fun then I didn’t know where he was. I was sitting on the sofa with a drink on the table and Makaila was there next to me, she was busy taking a picture from her seat. She looked so chill and kinda enjoyed it,

“Do you want to see your picture?” She asked me before showing me her camera.

“Of course” i said then she gave me her camera.

The picture that she took were all amazing, the pictures of Alex and i were all amazing. I told her to send me the picture so we exchanged our number to text her my email address, she looked so happy when i told her that.

“You are very talented” i said while looking through her camera.

“Thank you queen” she said then i laughed.

“I never left my house without a camera since i was 15” she said.

“That is very cool, i never left my house without my earphone sounds not so talented” i said before fake smiling by my own.

“What? No no you’re so talented i was surprised when Alex date you you know i mean i knew him since we were uhm 18?” She said then i laughed.

“Alex told me” i laughed.

“Cannot believe that he finally be consistent with one girl that is amazing” she sounded like she didn’t believe it, well yeah she shouldn’t.

My eyes finally looked up then found Alex was sitting with a girl at the bar, I believe it was Tiana one of the girls from our group. She was smiling while they were laughing together, i kinda felt uh you know I don’t know.

“What?” Makaila asked me then she looked into the same direction.

“Tiana, i never like her” she said.

“She’s just the girl that had been following us since the last 3 years she’s annoying” she said then i laughed.

Well Alex can do whatever he wants as long as the media didn’t found out what he did, i was nothing to him so I thought i couldn’t be jealous or something. But the fact about what he did this morning made me felt jealous of him being with another woman,

“Anyway Makaila, you’re very talented i think I should introduce you to my photographer friends or any vendors that maybe can help you with your beautiful talent” i said to him.

“What?” She looked surprised.

“I’m sure they’ll love your work” i said.

“I didn’t mean to take an advantage from you cause you’re a model okayy” she said.

“Of course not i know” I laughed.

“You know what? You’re a lovely girl” she said then i smiled shyly.

“Alex is so lucky” she said.

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