[COMPLETED] Not Good! The Villaines...

Book Art!!!

It’s been a while, dear phoenixes ( ‘∀`)

Hope y’all doing fine ❤

Today, I’ll finally change the book cover of NGVM. As you see, the former cover is ‘stolen’ from pinterest and it just doesn’t sit well with me.

So I had two friends here from wattpad who made their own interpretations of Yin Hua Lei to be the book cover.

Here they are:

This one was made by meowyukie

And this is made byyukimura4ever

Let’s give them a big pat on their backs for the beautiful pieces~ ✋

I couldn’t choose between the two because I honestly liked both so I had our citizens from Discord vote for what they liked. Majority ruled so this is the final product ❤

Thanks to these two awesome ladies!!! NGVM now has its own original cover ❤️❤️

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