Cold Husband and Bold Wife💜

Important notice!!

Hey beautiful people🤗

I hope u all are doing well

So, yesterday i was free. So i thought

Why not write My first bollywood based story?

So i wrote character intro of first book of Bollywood based movie

But i don’t know what is wrong with this Wattpad. I was not able to update that.😕😕

This wattpad is not allowing me to update the chapter because of some email id issues on my second channel😣😣

I am trying from yesterday to solve this problem. But its of no use


So, guys now i decided that i will be uploading the bollywood based stories on this channel only.

So who were waiting for me to update on that channel

They don’t need to visit my second channel. Because i will not be able to upload there. Whichever book based on any Bollywood movie, i will upload it on this channel. So you guys can read those books on this channel. I will write here my won stories and bollywood based as well😊

Okay guys. Thats what i wanted to share with you so you don’t go to my secong channel. As it will be no use

So guys i will meet you very soonTill then, stay hapoy always and love yourself☺☺

Bye byeI purple you💜💜

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