Clashing Hearts

Simplified Family Tree

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Before I’ll start with the story, let me give you the simplified Family Tree of the Monteiro’s and the Niarchos. 

Don’t get me wrong, this is a STAND ALONE NOVEL, but if you already read the Monteiro Series or interested to read about the past generations of Carter Monteiro, then you can relate into this.

Monteiro Series 1: My Possessive Billionaire 

When I started Wattpad, I wrote my first story, a funny, feel-good, sexy, crazy arranged marriage – MY POSSESSIVE BILLIONAIRE, starring the main characters of Enrique Monteiro and Sophia Monteiro, with a back up story of Draco Valiente and Emily Lawrence. This has 62 Million Reads as of now on Wattpad. Read it now, and have a good laugh.  

Monteiro Series 2: Lucas’ Revenge

After My Possessive Billionaire, came the sequel, my first very sexy novel… with many steamy scenes, lol, I just can’t — LUCAS’ REVENGE, the story of Enrique-Sophia’s son Lucas Monteiro (Carter’s grandfather) with Samantha Miller, and a back up story of Draco-Emily’s son Rafael Valiente with Enrique-Sophia’s daughter, Natalie. This has 19.5 Million Read on Wattpad as of now. 

Monteiro Series 3: Catch Me

CATCH ME followed, the story of Lucas Monteiro’s son, Iñigo (Carter’s dad) with Chloe Petrakis. As you can see, Carter’s personality is complex. He got the mixture of a subtle gentle teddy bear personality who believes in ‘love virus’ of a Monteiro, and a devilish, wicked, fearless and controlling personality of a Petrakis — very dangerous to cross with. Wheww! Let’s see how Athena could handle that.

Monteiro Series 3: Clashing Hearts (When Hating Becomes Pretending)

Carter Monteiro is a very sweet, caring and loving guy, but the mere mention of Athena’s name, made his personality flips and swirls. She just irritates him and it doesn’t help that Athena is not making any effort for him to like her. She provokes him as much as possible. 

Athena hates Carter. For her, he’s the reincarnated Lucifer. Everything she does, he contradicts. He said that she’s reckless, irresponsible, rebellious and could not make a right decision. Worse of all, he thought that she’s the dumbest person on earth! If only he knows.

Are their personalities just really don’t match? Or there’s something going on that they themselves only know. Do they really hate each other or they’re just pretending?

“Quit playing games with my heart, Carter.”

“Then, don’t shut me out, Athena.”

Athena Niarchos is the daughter of Ares Niarchos and Rachel White, from the heartwarming, sensual and passionate love story, The Sins of the Past. Just like her parents, Athena has a strong character, not clingy, emotional or sensitive. Being independent is part of her defence mechanism to prove to everyone that she can stand on her own. Her experience of bullying made her struggle to accomplish something, to put her name on top without using her parents’ influence. 

But her nemesis, the ever hateful Carter Monteiro blocks her way when she’s about to accomplish her goal . He won’t leave her alone until he’ll see her crumbling down on the ground, crying and defeated.

“He won’t see me cry… never. I won’t be weak in front of him.”

Below is the Family Tree of The Petrakis, to give you an idea since Carter is also a Petrakis. 

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