Claimed By Darkness

Character introduction! (Gods And Goddesses)

I need to give you all a bit of background to the Gods and some of the other characters! (all of these moodboards are mine– do not use them without permission!)

**New + updated mood boards!**

Aria (Goddess of air) Children who are claimed by her would inherit powers like creating, controlling and manipulating the air and wind.

Lionel (God of Earth) Children claimed by Lionel with inherit powers like the ability to control earth and earth-based materials.

Kalama (Goddess of fire) Children claimed by Kalama will gain the ability to generate and control fire, and throw streams of fire from their hands.

Beck (God of water) Children claimed by Beck will be able to control and manipulate water they are excellent swimmers and can breathe underwater.

Gianna (Goddess of the Mind) Children claimed by Gianna will be able to feel others’ emotions and intentions, they can occasionally hear thoughts and are very logical.

Kai (God of Dreams) Children claimed by Kai will be able to see the past, present, and future in dreams. They have a connection to the world of the undead and can speak to spirits.

Caspian (God of the Land of the Dead/Darkness) Children claimed by Caspian will be able to teleport and hide in shadows. They are extremely powerful and can generate and shoot large amounts of energy.

This was just an introduction to all the Gods and the powers that elves will inherit… I hope you enjoy the rest of my story! 

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