chapter forty two

readers space here!

First, I’d like to be clear that Ni-ki is the main lead and the others were the second lead on their own.

Jungwon is like the second next to Ni-ki since he was the soulmate. [ Leave here if you still didn’t get at Chapter 50’s ]

Second, there are separate endings for each boys but it wouldn’t effect the real ending I planned. For now, I will not share it here for the sake of not saying any spoilers.

Third, I’m loving this book so I wanted to put this page here solely for all the readers who have own questions and request I guess.

Just don’t ask for repeated names like for a certain member like Ni-ki or Jungwon. They have frequent moments now compared to the other boys and I want to be fair unlike to what I did in my first Enhypen x Reader book.

So if you have any questions about the story or simple request, comment it down here and I would answer in my best ability tommorow.

Will someone actually participate in this page? Let’s see.. If there isn’t any, I will just delete it right away tommorow.

But give it a try and see what you can all comment here. Just please be careful with your words and do not sound rude to anyone, okay?

Well, that’s all. I hope you have something to comment here..☺💕

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