Chapter Forty-Three

Am I seeing things?


1 Million reads? Are you freaking kidding me??

I can’t believe my eyes right now. 

Is it true? 

Or am I dreaming?

Ahhh… I am so happpyyyyy!!!! There’s a party in my head. (Cause quarantine won’t let me go out.)

Anyways. I love you guys so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much… Thank you, everyone, who gave this book a chance. I am truly grateful and honored. 

You guys have no idea how happy I am.

Truthfully, I never thought I could reach 1 million, but you guys made it possible. Thank you for that.

So to show how grateful I am, I am going to announce my SECOND book.

YES, you heard it right.


I have always wanted to make a sequel about Nolan and Aubree’s children and I am about to do that.

No, it’s not about their daughter (Sorry), but I will write about her in the future. (PROMISE)

But for now, I am writing about the love story of Nolan and Aubree’s first child Xander Samuel Crawford and his lady love Alexis Cooper. 

Yep, I revealed the character’s name.

I hope you guys give my new book as much love as you gave to this book.

So, here’s a little preview. I hope you guys like it.


Xander Crawford has his mother pestering him to get married since he is already 32 years old, but the former clearly doesn’t share the same thought as his mother. He ditches all his dates that his mother has set up for him and has been living the time of his life. 

When his mother pushes him yet again for another arranged dates, he decided he had enough. 

So he made a plan.

The plan was simple. Get a fake girlfriend for a month or so, pretend to fall in love, and then break it off. 

Knowing his mom won’t push his heartbroken son to date, he would be finally free.

Simple right?

Or was it?

Well, not when he chooses or may I say FORCES bold and blunt Alexis cooper. And oh boy is she mad? 




Shall we find out?

Let’s Get It.


I will try my best for this book and will avoid any mistakes that I made in my last book.

Also please spare me fo my grammar its still isn’t good enough.

STAY SAFE. ❤💜❤🖤❤



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