EXPERIMENTAL ✓ Ian Gallagher [12]



Beep- Beep- Beep-

You wake up to that annoying beeping, grumbling quietly. You put a hand over your eye, hissing at the soreness of it. “Fuck.”

“Hey. . . You’re up.”

You hear Ian’s soothing, but worried voice. Slowly, you open your eyes. You squint from the lighting, slightly blurred as you focus on his vibrant hair. “. . . Ian?”

You feel him grasp your hand and giving it a light squeezing. As your eyes adjusted, you could see his green eyes focusing deeply on you. His lips pulled into a small smile, “Yeah, [Name]. It’s me.”

You realize you’re in the hospital, then- everything comes back to you. You’re eyes water as you remember what had happened- what almost would have happened if Ian didn’t-

“Oh-” You gasp, lifting his hand that was holding yours to your face. His pale knuckles were covered in scabs and bruises. You felt more tears stream down your face.

“Hey. . .” Ian pulls his hand from your grasp, moving it under your chin. He tilts your head upwards, making you look at him. The smile was off as his face. He looked at you intently, not breaking eye contact. He breathed softly, “It’s okay.”

You shook your head lightly, “It’s not- it’s my fault.”

“No, no-” Ian spoke almost forcefully. He grips your shoulders, not hard- just enough to keep you still. “It’s not you’re fault, [Name].”

You sniffled as you brought your gaze down, but again- Ian lifted your chin. His green eyes were glazed with tears as he spoke.

“Listen to me, [Name].” Ian asserted, eyebrows furrowed with empathy. “None of it was your fault. What he did- it was wrong. He was wrong to force you to do anything. You are the only one who can tell you what to do with your body.”

He continued, closing his eyes for a minute. “I’m- I’m sorry about everything. I should have said something to him sooner then then- maybe you wouldn’t have left like that and- and-”

“It’s not your fault either.” You interrupted him, softly rubbing his arm. Your heart ached for him. “I know it’s hard to go against your brother.”

Ian opened his eyes, keeping them on yours.He didn’t say anything for a couple minutes. Just looking into your eyes. You flushed, clearing your throat. “Ahem- What happened after. . .”

“I carried you here. I didn’t know if he gave you a concussion or-”

“The baby-” You breathed, looking towards Ian with worry, “Is it-?”

“It’s okay.” He smiled, “Both of you.”

You let out a sigh of relief, suddenly pulling Ian towards you. You wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. His toned arms comforting you. “Thank- Thank you so much.”

Ian could feel your warm skin against his. He was scared for you. If he didn’t show up when he did- he didn’t know if you’d be okay. Physically or mentally.

“I’ll always protect you from here on out, [Name].” He vowed, hugging your body against his. “Leave it to me, okay?”

He pulls you away from the hug, meeting your gaze, his eyes burning with intensity. “I’ll take care of both of you.”

“I promise.”

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