Bound by Fate

Urgent Author Note

Okay so this is not something I have desired or ever thought I would need to post. However within the last 12 to 24 hours this book has been spammed with multiple comments claiming this book to be plagiarism.

It is not in any manner such.

They have been posting links claiming you can view the “prototype”, “original author” or “original story”. I just saw all of this and reported it now.

I have not checked any of the different links (multiple which are different links and will not necessarily lead to the same website). If you desire to check them I will not stop anyone but I do suspect it to either be plagiarised versions of this book or websites that could plant bugs or viruses on your devices. I have not checked the links so they could be harmless attempts to ruin me or “prank” me. But I want to keep all of you safe and sort this out as fast as possible.

I have counted 29 instances within these 12 to 24 hours from 4 to 5 different people posting in rapid fire, spamming me. I have reported this as hate because I do not know what to report this as and have told them to stop.

I am new to this sort of thing, with this being the first time it has happened to me so if you all have any advice please do share because this feels horrible and is causing me stress.

I will update this author note as the situation develops.

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