Bonus Chapter - Fight Night

Bonus Chapter - Drunk Sebastian

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I am still working on the spin-off, but with all that’s going on, it’s a little harder. But I have mapped out how it’s going to go, so just need to write it now.

In the timeline of things, this chapter should be before the last one I posted, but the idea only just came to me.

If you read the last one, I mentioned in a paragraph how Sebastian was worried about Mia throwing things in her pregnancy, out of anger. Especially the one time she threw a spoon.Well, this is how it all began…

It’s a bit of a long one, I kind of got carried away. (It’s not proof read – since I only wrote it yesterday, so apologies for mistakes. I’ll get to that later)

Also, I might move bonus chapters to a ‘new book’ to avoid this one getting so long. So later you come back, and find they’re gone, they will just be moved to a new book dedicated to bonus chapter, because trust me, I have a load of ideas.

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Marriage life was all that Mia expected it to be and more. A lot more.

She had always wanted the kind of marriage that her parents had, something loving, honest and real. They would rely on each other in good times and in bad. Even during occasional fights, they still would be strong together, and it was all that she wanted her marriage to be like.

Sebastian had given her the kind of life that she dreamt of, and for that, she loved him even more for that.

They were both trying to work through the transition of being a married couple. There wasn’t much to it, except getting to know each other more. Finding out habits that they didn’t really know before or picking up on new things.

A year in, and all vows were still being kept.

Mia felt marriage life was blissful, and couldn’t wait to live out her years basking in this perfect happiness.


Working away in the kitchen, Mia was trying out a new recipe.

She wasn’t much of a cook, but she wanted to be better. Back when she lived with the girls, it was Chloe that was the better cook out of them and Nicole, well she could probably burn water.

Just as she was cutting up some vegetables, Mia could hear the key in the door, and then the sound of it opening.

“Honey, I’m home!” Sebastian’s voice then sounded through the house.

He loved using the corny greeting whenever he was coming home, and knew Mia was going to be home already.

Usually they’d come home together, since they worked in the same company. However, this week Mia was working for home, which meant Sebastian using the corny greeting throughout the week.

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