We finally got her

Chapter 11

Scar’s POV

I woke up to someone planting kisses along my neck and jaw. Rolling over I saw Kaiden above me smiling down at me.”Morning baby girl” “Morning babe””Come on let’s get up and get dressed.””Why we don’t have school!””Cause we need to unpack and get this house looking like our house. I was thinking we can go to the furniture store in an hour and pick up some furniture for the house. Then we can come home and unpack the boxes.””Ok fine” I said with a grunt getting up. I went to get my bag with all my soap but couldn’t find it.”Hey babe where is my bag of shampoo and conditioner?” I yelled from inside the closet.”I think you left it in the car. Do you want me to go get it?””No I will!” I ran outside and to the truck opening up the passenger door looking for my bag. I found it under the seat and pulled it out. As I was turning to leave when I saw a man dressed in black in front of me and a cloth was put over my mouth. The last thing I heard was,”We finally got her.”••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Kaiden’s POVScarlet was taking a long time so I decided to go out and see if she needed my help looking for the bag. When I walked over to the car I saw that the passenger door was open and her bag was on the floor. After looking around for her I smelled the stench of rogues in the forest by our house. Fear clouded my head as I called her name looking for her. I mind linked Ryder and Brad telling them to come to my house and also Em and Joe. 10 minutes later I was still pacing the living room when they all burst through the door.”What’s going on?” Joe asked as they all looked at me. “I need 30 warriors to come with me and track the rouges. They took my baby…” I said my eyes watering with sadness and anger. Em gasped and slumped on the couch while Joe mind linked them to come meet at the house.”What happened?” Ryder asked right when Josh burst in. I told them what happened and by the time i finished all the warriors were outside. Me, Ryder, Joe, Josh, and Brad ran out the door jumping off the deck and shifting in mid-air landing on four paws. After telling the rest of the pack what to do we followed the rouges smell mixed with the smell of my mate, tracking them down. She must have been knocked out cause the connection between us was weaker and I couldn’t mind link her. Don’t worry baby girl, I’m coming for you. You are mine and no one can take you from me.————–A/NSorry it’s kinda short! Tell me what you think, Vote, and Share! I should be updating again later today!XO

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