Blackpink imagines (gxg)

Rosé- The way we are

“Ma’am, your wife is in the line.” Your secretary, Mr. Kim, said as he stood at the door of your office.

Putting you pen down on the table you picked up the phone.

“Baby.You told me you would be done by 4pm, Y/N. And its already 7pm. Like the considerate wife I am, I thought I would call the restaurant we booked and tell them that we are gonna be late. But they told me that the reservation was already canceled. By you. How dare you cancel our date without even telling me?!”

You could only imagine the love of your life pacing around in the living room as she screamed at you.

“You imbecile of a wife. You think you can just cancel on me? Who do you think I am, you jerk? Don’t forget who owns you Y/N. If you think for a second that you could cancel on me and spend time with that bitch of a COO you have, you thought wrong. I will burn your whole building down along with everybody in it if I ever find you cheating on me!” You gave Chae a minute to breathe.

She has always thought that there was a thing between you and Kim Jisoo, the COO of your company. But little did she know that you can’t even see any other person with interest because you are so consumed by the thought of your Roseanne all the time.

You and Rosé met in freshman year of high school. Both of you were from rich af families so everyone considered you two snobs. They were right. You both were snobs.

You both got along so well that you couldn’t stand when anyone else spent time with Chaeyoung and she felt the same way.

You both started dating by the end of Junior year and were considered the two queens of Seoul High School.

It has always been this way, the fights, the jealousy and the awesome makeup sex, and you crave more and more of it.

After high school you inherited the company after your father’s death and started living with Chaeyoung, while she started her modelling along with taking care of her father’s company with him.

You didn’t even ask Chaeyoung to marry you until half an hour of before actually getting married.

You just asked her out on a date and asked her to marry you on the beach. She said yes the moment the question popped out of you mouth. The next thing you know both of you were at the court signing your marriage certificates half an hour later.

You can’t say that your relationship is perfect cause its far from it. You both were toxic for each other. Both of you were so obsessed with each other that you could destroy anything that could get between the two of you, with Chaeyoung nearly killing Minatozaki Sana, a classmate of yours when she flirted with you and you firing a whole building of workers just because they didn’t bow to Chaeyoung when she came to meet you once.

Hearing her finally calm down you said in the sweetest voice you could muster, “Baby, there is only you for me. And I cancelled the date because I forgot that I had a meeting with my cousin’s company and I thought that it would be better if we could just cancel the reservation and have a date at the roof of our apartment. I even made arrangements. I menat for it to be a surprise. I am so sorry Rosie. I didn’t know that me cancelling our date would upset you so much baby.”

You wait for a while as you don’t hear a sound coming from he other end. When you hear a tiny sniffle from the other end, your world nearly colapses.

Slamming your laptop shut you get up from your chair nearly making it fall. “Hey, baby. Don’t cry. I am walking out of my office as we speak yeah? I am gonna be home in 5 minutes. Okay, Rosie?”, sighing you lean you head on the door to you office and listen for an approval. The only thing you could never stand was the thought of Rosie ever crying or getting hurt, especially by you. So you always went out of your way to make sure that she was never upset in any way.

“Okay.” She said in the tiniest voice you have ever heard.

Ending the call, you walk out of your office and walk towards the elevator. If you knew that cancelling that damn reservation so much, you wouldn’t have done it. You know that you need to sweeten her up before she properly even talked to you.

Your secretary, Oh rushed to you tje moment you stepped out of the office. “Do you need anything Miss Y/L/N?”

“I am going home. You can leave too. Don’t and I mean absolutely don’t call me tonight. Its date night with my wife. If I get a call from anyone from work, you are fired.” You give him a side glance as you walk into the elevator.

“Yes ma’am. Wait, your coat. I will get it for you.” Before he could walk away you stopped him and told him that you would get it tomorrow.

Ont he way home you got a huge bouquet of the darkest black roses you could find, knowing how much your Rosie loves them. You would do anything to make her smile at the moment. Knowing that you were the reason she cried makes you want to kill everyone at sight.

Taking a deep breath as the sound of her sniffling played in your head again and again, you told the driver to drive faster.

Reaching the building where you and Chae shared the penthouse, you rushed to the elevator and hit your floor again and again until the door closed. Looking up at the floor numbers you tapped your foot in imaptience.

The moment the elavator door opened at your floor, which only housed the penthouse you own, you open the door forcefully.”Roseanne? Baby, I am home. Where are you?” You threw your keys at the table beside the entrance and walked to the living room.

There she was, your queen, sitting on the sofa like it was her thrown, with a glass of red wine in her hands.

Walking upto her, you kneeled in front of her and took the glass out of her hand in case she thows it at you like a few times you have fought.

“I am so sorry for cancelling the date without your knowledge, babe. I should have told you about it.” Taking her left into your right one you caressed the finger that held the huge yellow diamond Tiffany’s engagement ring you gave her.

“I got these for you.” You showed her the bouquet that you got and gave her a pleading look when she didn’t even looked at the flowers. “Please don’t ignore me Rosie. You know how much I hate it when you do that.”

Sighing she finally looks at you, the hard look in her eyes fading away.

Placing her hand around your neck she pulls you to her.Placing her lips on yours she kisses you passionately. She wrapped her legs around your waist and pulled you closer making you scoot on your knees to get to her.

Just as the kiss was getting heated, she pulls away and kisses you neck before placing her mouth next to your ear.

“If you ever do that again, I will kill you in your sleep, my love.” She whispers and kisses you earlobe making you shiver in pleasure and smirk with delight.

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