Beneath Our Disguises

My Little Snow Drop (Yeti x Reader)

(Yeti x Reader)

“Just a little. . . further. .  Ahhh!” Anna let’s out a scream, grabbing tightly to her belay rope in panic as she slides off of a particularly slick part of the cliff.

“Careful! It’s a little. .  icy.” You trail off, narrowing your eyes to attempt and see through the thick blizzard forming around your group of climbers, trying not to grin at the small shake of her head that indicates a rolling of eyes.

“You think that uh, just maybe we should just find some shelter for the storm to pass?” Haden practically screams over the howling wind of the rising snow storm.

“There should be a lean way just ahead! Another few feet should do it!” Screams your guide, the only one of your friend group that had any idea where the four of you were going. He had been up the mountain before with an actual guide, of course, they should have hired one this time, but Mr. Cheapo said he knew the way and didn’t need it. 

“Here! ” Anna yells back to them, gesturing frantically to the cave hollowed out in the cliff in front of her as she crawls inside the low opening to disappear in the blizzard. You squint, attempting to see the cave opening through the snow as it picks up in swirling clouds. The only evidence it even exists is the rope that slowly trails inside of it as Spencer follows suit, his black boot the last evidence that you even have company on this cold isolated climb.

“Holy fuck you people move fast to get out of the cold.” You grumble, voice lost in the wind even to your own ears. You can barely even tell that your words came out or if your lips merely moved as you cling tightly to the cliff with numb fingers, yanking your way up into that cave and army crawling through the tight opening into a wider snow cavern, rocks jagged and hollowed out most likely from the freezing and unfreezing of ice as the ceiling is decorated with their jagged points.

It is surprisingly warmer in the cave than you had expected, and with head lamps on you can see a decent amount of it. It was tall enough to stand, nearly  7 feet in height with the icicles dangling like jagged teeth ready to slice you in half.

Shivering slightly at the shadows they make on the wall, you hear the echoes further down from the steps of jagged spiked boots to aid in the frozen climb, and the dragging of rope on the ground as you follow your friends further in, wishing it could be a volcano you were hiking instead with the rubbing of your numb hands together. 

“Hey! Over here! There’s some weird cave drawings!” Yells one of the boys, so loud that it echoes dangerously over the piercing whistle of wind passing over the opening. Looking up with tense shoulders you watch the icicles shiver slightly, tempting the danger of an impalement for a few moments.

Taking careful steps you move quickly deeper in to where the smaller icicles hang, further apart and more firmly rooted in the rocks above them loosening the tension in your shoulders slightly as you crouch below the sloping ceiling until you are crawling once more, deeper into the mountain and through a small opening to finally spot the other flashlights glaring harshly off icy reflections as they look around.

“What is it you found?” You ask, slowly standing upright once more and looking around at the ice cavern that reflected your lights so well that it was almost hard to see. 

“Drawings, like caveman type carvings. . .” Murmured Anna, tracing one with a finger slowly as you squint to try and see them properly. Difficult to make out, but not impossible, are the ice tracings, like an artist’s rough sketch or icy hieroglyphics. 

“Weird, I don’t remember this cave the first time I was up here.” Says your idiot of a guide Spencer as you merely roll your eyes.

“In other words, we should have hired a guide like I said in the first place.” You murmur, running your own gloved finger over the carvings gently to see how deep they were placed. Whoever had carved used something incredibly sharp but surprisingly dense for its size, almost like the tip of an icicle but harder. 

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