Being a Villainess is No Joke

2. It's not's Hell

The door opened and a girl in her late teens appeared.


If I thought my new self was beautiful, the girl in front of me was twice as beautiful.

She had amber coloured eyes and long black hair. She wore a decent dress and her hands looked pretty rough but she still managed to look so pretty and delicate.

“Oh Lady Adailia! You’re awake?” She said looking at me.

Okay now something is definitely wrong.

Me?? Adailia??

Oh puh-lees! I’m ten-no- hundred times better than her shitty ass.

After I didn’t reply, a tense expression took over the girls face and she started stuttering, “Uhh- wh- what’s wr-wrong-ng , my l-lady?”

Why is she panicking???

Aren’t I supposed to be the one freaking out of my head cause somehow my soul has entered a completely different person’s body when I’m supposed to quietly be ascending to Heaven???

But I still managed remain calm and replied her, “…… I just… Woke up.”

The girl even looked more frightened, “I-i am so sorry. I-i didn’t th-think before ra-raising my voice.”

Uhh- okay. But girl you need to chill. I ain’t gonna kill you.

This poor soul must be thinking that she somehow woke me.

Wait- Poor soul?

Why did I think she was a poor soul?

Hmm… Well she looked pitiful and there’s something about her screaming, ‘I have a terrible sob- sob backstory and have to deal with shit everyday’

And there’s only one person I could think of at that very moment.

“Seanna?” I muttered unconsciously looking at the girl in front of me who flinched and looked up at me saying,” Y-yes?”

Holy shit!

Is this really Seanna the poor child who had to deal with that Adailia trash for 10 fucking years??

And currently, she is calling me Adailia.

Not to mention I do look like Adailia.

“…. Bring me my morning tea.” I deadpanned.

It was the first thing I could think of. Because it was the first thing Adailia said in the novel. The novel began with this scene.


I’m in the novel…….

Wow. Took me long enough to realize.

“Oh- of course. Yes!” Seanna said and ran off.

I once again looked at the pretty face front of me.

Adailia de Perinius.

The villainess of the novel.

Who will get killed by the male protagonist, Raashid de Obelia, the crown prince.

Well, well, I do want Adailia to die…. But not when I’m in her body.

After thinking about it for fifteen minutes and drinking the wonderfully calming tea, I have come to a conclusion.

I somehow reincarnated as Adailia de Perinius.

There’s still a possibility that this is all some sort of dream but the tea was too realistically delicious for such a delusion.

Or maybe …… Someone saved me from dying and then cured me and then performed a plastic surgery and then transported me over here far from Seoul and then put me here in place of some other girl named named ‘ Adailia ‘ who so happened to have a maid called Seanna.

…..that just sounds absurd.

Well, let’s just say I’m in the novel.

I am pretty sure this is the beginning of the novel. That means there’s still 7 months left for Adailia to die.

So I need to…… Find a way to get out of this novel. Yes.

But what if I am stuck here forever??

Well, that forever is only 7 months before I’m gonna get my head detached from the rest of my body.

I don’t think it’s gonna be any less painful than to get squashed by a truck.

Okay, let’s just summarize everything.

I, Choi Haeun, is in a novel and I’m the villainess. And I need to like … Not die.

The novel began with introducing the female protagonist Seanna Bares. Seanna was an illegitimate child of the Baron who had a lot-lot of debt to the archduke, sold his daughter to him as a companion for Adailia.

In this world, a companion is an adopted brother or sister. Since there was a rule that all the nobles shall only have one child, to avoid conflicts for the title, the single child of the house felt alone without a sibling. So there came a system where the nobles hired an orphan kids to accompany their child. Usually a companion and the noble’s kid get along well and are treated like a part of their own family.

Seanna was sold as a companion for Adailia by her own family. But their relationship was anything but sisterly. She was bullied, humiliated and insulted every day by Adailia. She was like her personal maid.

But the poor kid took it all without a word. Her misery continued for ten years till she met the male protagonist Raashid.

Raashid was the crown prince of the empire. Adailia liked him since they were kids. They were nice friends at the start but soon her possessiveness started showing and they became more distant till the point he hated her to death.

On his 18 th birthday, he was sent to the Royal Academy for giving all the necessary tests and prove his worth as the next emperor. Actually, all Princes were supposed to attend the Royal Academy as soon as they turned 6 but Raashid was homeschooled because he wanted to avoid Adailia (who was also in the Royal Academy) as much as possible.

As soon as he saw Seanna in the academy, getting bullied by Adalia, he felt pity and protective towards her. And this pity turned into love after he got to know Seanna better. And after Adalia tried to kill Seanna, he became enraged.

But he couldn’t simply punish her or imprison her. After all, she was the daughter of the archduke. So once he became the emperor on his 19 th birthday, he changed some laws that enabled him to execute any high noble for attempt murder on any commoner or a person of low status.

So after Adailia’s execution, the archduke called for a war which lasted for years. After the war ended the empire was ruined and Seanna and Raashid moved to another empire to begin a new life as a commoner.

The end.

Now the problem is I only know less than half of the events that will take place since I died before finishing the entire book.

Welp. Raashid is 18 now and half a session has passed in the royal academy (since it’s midterm breaks going on) I’ll need to get out of here before 7 months.

And the time I’m still here, I’ll just try and avoid meeting Raashid. I’ll try and act like her (not that bad though) so nobody gets suspicious.

Let’s just act up till I figure out a way to to get out of this novel.

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