Begging for forgiveness


Cameron’s POV

April 2005

I can’t believe it, there is two lines on the test, two pink line that mean so much to me. I’m pregnant. I’m actually pregnant, that explains the sore breast, being tired and craving hot chips with tomato sauce. Not to mention the heighten sense of smell. I can’t wait till my husband Keith comes home so I can share the news with him.

Keith is a business man, he took over his parents company just after marrying me. The business was Young industries and was a multibillion dollar company. When I met Keith I had no idea who he was. I was a young woman from a small town near Forster. We met when I finished uni after studying business and was trying to get a job. I literally ran into him trying to get out of the rain. I had come to the city giving myself two months to find a job and a place or to give up of my dream of making it big. I got a job the next week and Keith and I began a relationship together. It was a whirlwind romance and we had been happily married for just over two years now.

I was so excited to tell Keith and his family. I knew that his mother would be ecstatic, she had been hinting for over a year that she needed grand babies to spoil and that she wasn’t getting younger. Keith and I had decided that once I had children I would be a stay at home mum and until then I worked on a side business which was kept out of the spotlight so I could create my business solely on my own merit.

My business was literally a part time job but I enjoyed it. I screen printed custom shirts and things all by hand. I didn’t want it to be huge because I enjoyed helping my husband and being with him when he traveled so it was more a hobby. After we were married I had left my job as the hours were demanding and Keith had to travel a lot.

I was organising a special dinner with the announcement of the pregnancy to come with dessert. It was coming together nicely and Keith would be home in an hour. I was making his favourite, simple chicken wrapped in prosciutto stuffed with Brie cheese and a nice side salad with creamy mustard dressing. I had just put the chicken in the oven and was going to shower and change into something nice. I headed up to shower and quickly dressed and did my hair and make up before the buzzer indicating the chicken was ready went off.

I headed downstairs and grabbed out the chicken serving it for both Keith and I and then I waited. I knew that Keith would be home any minute now and I couldn’t contain my excitement. The dessert was a simple chocolate cake with ice cream but I would give him a cute little baby romper which I screen printed myself saying “Due January 2006”. The door opened and in walked Keith with one of my best friends Sarah. Keith didn’t seem happy at all and I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Keith stood in front of me “you are fucken disgusting. I can’t believe I ever married you. You are nothing but a gold digging whore” he spat. “What?” I asked. I had no idea what he was talking about. “You heard me. You are a fucken useless whore, you won’t get a fucken cent from me” he screamed.

I backed away from him and looked at Sarah who was comforting Keith. What the fuck was going on? “Keith what are you talking about?” I asked. I was genuinely confused. “I’m talking about my slut of a fucken wife. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Did you think that I was fucken stupid?” He laughed like a maniac and I was getting scared. This wasn’t the husband I knew at all. He was throwing things around the room including the food I had made while screaming horrible things. He threw a cup at me hitting me in the arm “Stop it Keith or I’m calling the police” I screamed. I had never been so scared in my life. He had never once been violent and now he was throwing things at me. He picked up chairs and begun throwing those and I had no choice but to call the police who were there within minutes.

As I was talking to the police his family arrived and were glaring at me calling me every name under the sun. I had no idea what was going on but I was a shaking mess. I knew the stress wasn’t good for the baby. I explained to the police I was scared and pregnant and had no where to go in the city as I wasn’t from here and my family were four hours away.

The police advised that Keith had to leave for the night as he was the aggressor which made things worse. Keith came storming towards me hitting me across the face which caused me to fall. I grabbed my stomach hoping he hadn’t hurt my baby before he was arrested on the spot and escorted out of the house calling out “that bastard isn’t my child, I won’t be paying a cent to support that thing”. His mother and father were straight after him but not before his mother calling me a filthy whore. Sarah just smiled at me before following after my in-laws.

An ambulance was sent to check me out and I was asked if I wanted to press chargers which I had agreed to. I would never let a man abuse me like that nor would I risk my child to a man who could abuse his own wife. After deeming me ok the ambulance left along with the police. That’s when I broke down sobbing. I had no idea what the hell had gone on and how my once loving husband turned like that.

I called my parents and told them what had happened and that I was pregnant with his child. They begged me to come home to them. I was exhausted emotionally and physically and didn’t want to make a decision without thinking things through. I promised to call them in the morning and took myself to bed.

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