Beautiful Enmity

A Saga Of Heartbreak

Aiden’s POV

I could feel my hands trembling. My mind spinning out of control. ” You are lying “, was all I could say as I stepped outside the room Ethan was being kept in.

I had to see Sarah . She was the one person who could calm me down and right now I felt I was falling apart .

She was standing in front of her place . Hee brown hair tousled as usual , her dark brown eyes widening on seeing me.

” Aiden what’s wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost!”

” Ethan that shameless bastard has gone crazy! He just said the most ridiculous thing . He is saying my mom ordered the hit on Arianna and Sean!”

I saw Sarah’s face fall. There was no surprise or shock on her face just resignation.

” Sarah do you know anything about this?”I could hear my voice tremble.

Sarah didn’t have to say anything her expression was enough to give me the answer I dreaded.

No this just couldn’t happen to me. Not only did a criminal just accuse my mom’s of being a cold blooded murderer but the woman I love actually knows something about it and is keeping something from me.

Sarah’s POVSo the moment I had dreaded had finally come. Aiden’s face had gone ashen. He said nothing just dashed away to his car.

I ran after him , calling out his name. I tried grabbing his arm but he pulled away not even looking at me.

The entire afternoon I paced around the living room. I didn’t want him to go through all of this alone. But would he let me comfort him? Right now I was sure he didn’t even want to look at me.

” What else were you expecting Sarah? You hid something so huge from him , of course he is hurt. ” Mom wasn’t willing to go easy on me either.” This is why I told you to tell him everything .”

” I wanted to give him time to recover from what happened with his mom.”

” Maybe but you were also afraid that you would lose him if you did so. That he would blame you for his mother’s suicide.”

”  I didn’t kill his mother!I was doing the right thing . I was trying to bring a criminal to justice. I didn’t expect Anna to be such a coward that she would kill herself. “

” Of course you were doing the right thing sweetheart but that woman was his mother. People often think irrationality and are not as understanding when it comes to the ones they love. And I think on a subconscious level you knew that and dreaded it.”

” Thank you so mom you have made me feel so much better ! Is it too much to ask for you to cut me some slack just this once!”

‘I am sorry sweetie but you have to realize that this relationship was not going to last . It’s a good thing that the truth came out  now . The longer you would have stayed with him the more attached you would have become. Right now you have to focus on walking away from him and moving on.”

Tears sprang to my eyes , mom didn’t realize it but her words stabbed me harder than a knife. But everything she said was true no matter how hard I wanted to deny it.

I got in my car ,the black USB containing all the information Arianna had gathered lay in my purse. It was time to let Aiden know everything.

I knew that Aiden was probably in the suite at Victor Tower. He had let me stay there when my house was ransacked. I remembered him telling me once that Arianna used to stay there and whenever he felt upset he would do too as it made him feel closer to her.

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