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Back for revenge

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You know that feeling where it seems like you don’t have the ability to draw air into your lungs anymore? When you feel as if time just stopped and nothing is moving? It seems like in that frozen second, you’ve suddenly aged a hundred years as a result of disbelief in what just happened? If yes, multiply that by a thousand and that was exactly what I was feeling right now.

The echo of the gunshot kept resounding in my ears. Oddly, I don’t feel any pain. I look down at my chest expecting to see myself bleeding to death but the sight that meets my eyes when I look down was so much worse.

My mother was on the floor coughing out blood clutching her stomach that was bleeding profusely.

What just happened finally registers in my brain and I hurriedly bend down; tears blinding my vision.

My mother has been shot.

My mother took the bullet for me.

“Mum? Mum? Can you hear me? Mum, please stay with me” I place my mother’s head on my lap crying her name repeatedly. Her eyes reflected her pain.

“My b-baby…..” She groans referring to the child she was carrying and clutching her stomach. She turns her eyes to meet mine and I see tears shining in them making my tears fall at a faster rate.

“Daisy….” She calls, her eyes sad. “I’m s-so sorry Darling that ……….that you had to go through all this…” She pauses, closing her eyes to try and control the pain.When she opens her eyes, tears fall from them and she grabs one of my hands with her less bloody hand.

“I want y-you to know that I l-love you so much and that even when you can’t see me, I’ll always be here for you. If I don’t make it of here, you’re going to have to be a strong girl and make sure that you take care of yourself” She says hoarsely her hand shaking violently.

“Mum, what’s happening? Please stop talking like this” I look around desperately for help. My teary eyes land on Levi who was frozen with a look of complete horror painted on his face.

He suddenly snaps out if his shock and he drops his gun and runs towards us with his eyes on my mother.

“Elena, I’m so sorry. I would never do this to you, I love you. Please speak to me” He mumbles trying to draw my mother into his arms.

With all the rage and anger I was feeling, I push him hard. He falls on his rear on the floor but he doesn’t make a move to stand up, instead he buries his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking violently from crying. Eve runs to him and he pushes her away.

I turn back to my mother staring at her helplessly and feeling so useless. She suddenly starts to gasp and my heart jumps to my throat. I hug her tighter and slowly, her gasping stops and relief washes over me.

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