Bad In Common

Epilogue ✔️

” Rise and shine! It’s my fucking wedding day!”

I crack open one eye and close it as soon as the curtains are ripped open. Looking down at myself I realize that I’m half naked. I quickly pull up the covers to hide my half naked body from Tyler’s sister.

” Hayley, what have I done to deserve this kind of punishment?” Tyler groans still half asleep.

She skips around the room all excitedly, picking up random objects in her arms and heads towards the door.

” Downstairs. 5 minutes. You have been warned.” she announces before skipping off.

I roll back further into my pillow and groan. I could really use more sleep. Especially with the day ahead.

Hayley is finally getting married to Clark.

” Do I really have to go? ” Tyler asks in all hopes of skipping out on the day.

I quirk my left eyebrow and throw the cover aside.

” Yes you do. You know how much this day means to her. Don’t ruin it just because you don’t agree with it.” I warn him as I walk into the en-suit bathroom.

He groans one last time before I hear him throw the cover off from himself and climb out of the bed.

As I turn on the shower I feel him push up behind me. In all his glory.

We’re definitely not gonna make that 5 minutes.


After a very steamy shower we managed to pull ourselves down stairs and into the dining room where Hayley and Rachelle are waiting patiently for us.

” You do know that a minute contains 60 seconds which means that you had 300 seconds to get your ass out of bed and downstairs -“

” Hayley that’s enough.” Rachelle scolds her daughter.

Bridezilla is making an appearance.

Just don’t tell Hayley that.

” I’m sorry we’re late. We got held up. ” Tyler explains awkwardly.

I elbow him in his ribs to keep him from speaking further. I still have a good reputation to hold up here.

” Keep your dick in your pants till after the wedding -“

” Hayley!” Rachelle scolds once more.

I have to stifle a laugh before clearing my throat.

” Right. So, how does our schedule look for the day?”

It’s as if a switch flips on in Hayley’s head as she immediately forgets about her anger towards us and starts flipping through her diary that is placed on the table.

” We have breakfast in 10 minutes. Then at 9:45 we have to go pick up my dress in town. At 10:20 we have to be back here because the hairdresser and makeup artists will start arriving. At 10:45 Tyler has to go fetch Clark and his groomsmen and show them up to their room where they will be getting ready. At 11:15 the wedding planner will arrive with the cater, all the decorations, the photographers and the entertainment. By 12:00 we’ll do a first look with mom and then start taking photos with all the bridesmaids. At 13:30 the guest will start arriving. When the clock hits 15:00 everyone should be seated and so the ceremony will start. ” Hayley reads off her list in one quick breath.

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