Avengers smuts

The qween-M'Baku

|||Words:570|||M’baku’s pov|||    I’m getting married but I don’t want to it’s an arranged marriage.The only reason I’m doing this is because my family needs the money I’m meeting her any minute now. I soon heard a guard say to come in I walked in and saw the king and a young looking girl right beside him.

King:hello m’Baku

m’Baku:hello so who am I marrying

King:you’re marrying my daughter

m’Baku: is she that beautiful lady right beside you

m’Baku: yes she is hunny please walk forward

    She walked forward and I was so surprised she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

m’Baku: she’s so beautiful

Y/n: well thank you for the compliment

Y/n: I must say you are pretty handsome yourself

m’Baku: thank you sweetheart

                   *A couple days after the wedding*

m’Baku:please get changed honey we have an important meeting

Y/n:okay I will

m’Baku:okay babe let’s… Why are you wearing that

What she’s wearing:

Y/n:because I want to

M’Baku:Oh you really want something to happen don’t you

Y/n:maybe I do maybe I don’t

Y/n:either way I look hot and I know you want me

m’Baku: I mean you do look hot but we’re going to be late for the meeting

Y/n:screw the meeting

m’Baku:Oh you’re just too hot get over here

    We started kissing and making out and then my brother walked in

m’Duke:hey…oh damn sorry

Y/n:oh that was kind of awkward

m’Baku:yeah it was but let’s continue baby

     I started kissing her again.

                                    *Smut warning*

       And I tore off her lingerie I really couldn’t wait she was so hot and the way her hips swinged oh I couldn’t stand it anymore I quickly took off my clothes too and as soon as we were both naked I started pounding into her I couldn’t take it anymore I went hard and harder and harder making her cum multiple times and soon enough I came inside of her but I wanted more so I kept going and going and going she was moaning my name so much at this point I was fucking her brains out I just couldn’t help it anymore

m’Baku:Fuck baby you like that huh~

Y/n: Ahhh~Fuck daddy~

     I then pulled out of her rubbing my dick against her pussy and she looked back at me upset

Y/n:why did you stop

m’Baku:Answer my question first baby

Y/n:yes I like you fucking me like that now please put it back in daddy

     I then slammed back in her pounding harder and harder soon enough we both came I pulled out and grabbed a towel and started cleaning my juices out of her then I threw away the towel and just started fingering her going faster and faster soon she came on my finger and I slowly sucked all the juices off my finger while she was staring at me.

                                     *Smut over*

   I then carried her to her side of the bed and covered her with the blanket and she soon drifted off to sleep I got in bed and laid right beside her I just stared at her gorgeous face and I knew that I loved her I know this was an arranged marriage but i love this woman soon drifted off to sleep hugging y/n.|||    This is the last story of this book I hope you liked all of them but I will have more stories coming out for different books so check my profile to see what they’re about bye.

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