Axel’s Pov

Axel stood at Delilah’s side with tears in his eyes as he watched Delilah. She laid in bed not waking up, the machines beeped and Delilah breathed softly.

He held their baby in his arm, trying to hold back his tears.

“Delilah, the doctors-the doctors say you might not make it.” Axel started to cry as he held Delilah tightly.

“So-so me and,and Ares came to say goodbye.” Axel cried harder as more tears came dripping down his face.

“Your mom’s on the way, and-and.” The machines then started to beep like crazy making Axel grab on to Delilah as doctors came in.

“Sir move back.” One doctor said trying to pull Axel off ion Delilah.

“Don’t leave us Delilah, we have a kid, we’re supposed to get married, remember? Please don’t leave us.” The doctors pulled Axel out of the way which made him cry harder.

“No, no I haven’t said goodbye please don’t leave wake up.”

The machines continued to beep, Axel watched as Delilah laid there not moving. He ran over to her with Ares in his hands crying on her lifeless body.

“No, please angel wake up, wake up.” Axel said holding onto her.

“Say-say goodbye to mommy.” Axel said to Ares as he kissed her on the forehead.

“Goodbye angel, I-I love you.” Axel said moving away from Delilah slowly.

Axel held Ares in his hands tightly as he sunk to  the ground crying.

Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the book I had fun writing it. This chapter was a really sad for me and I did cry a bit but it was exciting to write.

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