Alternate Ending I

Alternate Ending II

Christopher woke up the next day and found something blocking his view. He reaches for it. A sticky note sticks to his forehead. Christopher reads the message, “I’ve already left for Connecticut with Paige. Didn’t want to wake you up, it looks like you need more sleep. Don’t worry, I’ve asked Ana and Finley to drop us at the hospital. There’s food in the microwave after that come and find me.”

Christopher checks his phone at the side of the couch. It is already 2 pm, and he is still home. Christopher pushes the blanket off and rushes to get ready.

After driving for an hour and a half, he finally reaches the hospital. Emilyn has already texted him which floor and room they are in. “Emilyn check this out.” Christopher stopped at the door entrance and heard a cute little voice. “That’s beautiful, Adrian.” He watches Emilyn interact with the kid at the doorway.

“Hey, what are you doing there; mister.” A kid stood in front of him. “I’m talking to you.”

Christopher crouched down and said, “I’m here to visit that kid over there.” He pointed in Adrian’s direction.

“Alright, you may pass.” The kid let him past. “Adrian, someone is here to visit you.” The kid shouted.

Christopher stood up from his crouching position and looked up to see three pairs of eyes looking at him. Emilyn gave him a small smile and gestured him to come in. 

“Mummy, who is this?” Adrian asked when Christopher stop at his bed. 

“He is one of Mummy’s uhm…” Paige hesitates for a while, glancing at Christopher before answering, “He is one of my friend, a long-time friend.” 

Christopher winced a little hearing Paige calls him her friend, “Hi, nice to meet you. I am Christopher.” 

“Hi, I’m Adrian.” The kid introduced himself cheerfully. He is so full of energy, doesn’t looks like a kid who has any problem. “Have you met, Emilyn? She is so pretty and she can draw too.” 

“Yes, I have. She is my girlfriend.” 

“No, she is not,” Adrian said. “She doesn’t have a boyfriend, Emilyn told me that she has none.” 

“Really?” Christopher smirk. “Sorry, to burst your bubble kid, but that woman is mine.” 

“No,” He shook his head. “Emilyn, you have to break up with him. You say you would wait for me.” Adrain tugs on Emilyn’s hand, looking up at her with pouty lips.

“Of course I’ll wait for you, I don’t know who that is,” Emilyn said, which cause a slight growl from Christopher. 

“Yay! I knew it.” Adrian smiles brightly. 

“Alright, let’s get to what we are here for,” Christopher said. 

“Right, uhmm…Adrian. You stay here with Emilyn. I’m going to head out for a while, okay?” 

“Yeah, no problem.” Adrian reply. Paige head out first, with Christopher following behind. Paige brought Christopher to see the doctor who is in charge of Adrian. They discuss what Adrian is going through now and what the treatments are. 

“Thanks, Christopher,” Paige said when they got out of the doctor’s office. 

“I didn’t do it for you, I did it for your son and Emilyn,” Christopher said, not looking at her. “You should thank Emilyn.”

“I know, but can we talk?” Paige asked. “I want to clarify what happened a few years ago.” 

Christopher sigh, “Fine.” 

Paige brought him outside of the hospital to one of the gardens. They sat down on the bench. “Alright, start talking. I don’t have much time.” Christopher said harshly. 

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