Alpha Titus (editing)

fifteen (tw ⚠️)

‘So i’m gonna love you, like i’m gonna love you’

Another day. I can’t feel my fingers. My shoes are doing nothing to protect my toes from the bitter cold, I must admit as the day drew on and the sun rose, I felt a bit warmer, but as it once again disappeared to let the moon have its turn, i froze once more.

I haven’t seen him today, however i could feel his burning gaze and i swear i saw his shadow in my rooms window, but other than that, nada. I stare up at the sky as i listen to the silence, only occasionally interrupted by a large male cheer from the nearby bar.

“Am i a joke to you?” I whisper to him, to the lord above. “Am i just an experiment, to see how a human could manage in a pack of wolves, literally.” My voice is soft as a salty tear runs down my frozen cheek, warming it slightly. “I know unless Titus miraculously has a change of heart tonight it’s going to be my last, I can tell, The sun may be warm during the day, but these nights are to bitter to stand, especially when you’ve been soaked through,” A sorry laugh escapes my lips.

I sigh, i know i’m not gonna get a response, “Please look after Charity for me, it’s the one thing i want, make sure she doesn’t end up in this world, make sure he stays far away from her, please.” I beg, I stare up at the sky before letting my head drop.

Seconds later, light shines through the bar’s door. Three men stumble out all considerably drunk, I think back to my mother, always a beer bottle nearby. “You’ve done well to still be alive human,” One of them slurs as they stand in front of me, “Doesn’t she look cold,” He says with fake pity as the others laugh behind him.

“So tiny and frail” My eyes widen a fraction as they all surround the small cage i sit in. “The alpha marked a petty human? Weak. I could take him ya know. Oh what i would give to dig my claws into him. To watch the life leave his eyes.”

“You wouldn’t stand a chance.” I spit. I don’t know why i felt the sudden urge to protect him, I just did. “What? You think a filthy whore like you can speak to us?” I watch as he raises his hand. Slamming the bottle he holds against the bars, I feel it cut my skin. The sleeve of my shirt filled with rips from the sharp glass as the remaining beer coats me. The three laugh as they pick up the container of bottles they have. “I think we have a better use for these, right?”

I watch my tesoro from her window as she looks up to the sky, her lips moving as she speaks, tears dripping from her eyes. I can feel how cold she is, my skin occasionally pricks as if i’m being stabbed, the pain she’s feeling, all over her body. I watched as that boy through the balloons on her, how she grimaced from the cold, i can see from here the fact that her shirt is now practically ice clinging to her body.

I suck in a deep breath as i head back to my office. She hasn’t got long left, that i know however it is definitely not likely to be the starvation to be her cause of death. When i went through with this i intended having more time, It completely slipped my mind how much the cold affects her.

I can’t lose her, but if i keep her, a massive change will occur. My reign would grow weaker, I would be viewed as weak by other packs, which could cause attacks. Hundreds of lives could be lost from me saving one person. But on the other side, I’m weak without a Luna, and if i lost her the pain would be insufferable, i would basically be an open target. She’s needed here, to keep this pack strong. I feel the crook of my shoulder burn, right about where my mark would be if she could give me one, however i choose to ignore it, knowing it’s probably her hatred for me.

I sigh in frustration, leaning my head back against my chair.

Go talk to her.

My wolf speaks, A rare occurrence lately. I run a hand through my hair and within seconds i’m obeying my wolf. I’m obeying my need and my want. I’m out the house. On my way to make things right.

My feet tread heavily as i rush towards the place i’m holding her, lights flicker on as i rush past, but i don’t care for apologies, i have to get to her, i have lost to much time to my own selfishness.

I stop short as soon as i see her, three men, clearly drunk stand around her, beee bottles hitting the metal bars of the cage I put her in. Her clothes are ripped from the shards that fall from the breaking glass.

My hands grip the back of their shirts as i pull them away from the cage. Letting them fall to the floor, before turning back to her. Whether it’s my anger, or the construction is weak, i pull the lid of it off with no hesitation.

“Are you alright?” I question, lifting her out. “What do you think?” Her response is short as she wipes away her tears, refusing to meet my eyes. My heart grows heavy as she stares at the ground. Not even giving me a glance.

I turn to face the men as they attempt to back away, “Stay here,” I whisper to my mate as i step away from the now broken cage. Instantly i grab the omega by his throat, lifting him to my height. “Al-,” He tries to speak as he attempts to claw my hand away from his throat.

“You verbally abused and threw beer bottles at your luna.” I spit as i hold one by his throat. “She was in a position to, If you were a better Alpha and a better Mate it wouldn’t have happened.” He spits in return. I’m shocked. The disrespect is something i’ve never experienced before. I feel my grip tighten. “Need I remind you. You are below me. You are always below me. I will not stand for that disrespect. I amyour Alpha.” I throw him to the ground. Lance steps forward from the crowd that has formed. Leading the Omega away. “Do you two have anything to say?” Both males shake their heads as they rush away.

I turn back to her. “I’m sorry.” I whisper, wrapping my arms around her. She’s a lot skinnier, Paler. She doesn’t look how she was before it all, for good reason. Her head leans against my chest. I feel my heart rate raise as i place my hand in  her hair.

“Return to you homes, or the pack house, The night is almost over,” I hear Lance speak to the many pack members who awoke and watched the scene unfold. They nod as they watch the girl in my arms.

I glance over at Lance as he watches over us,

How is she?

He asks through our link, I don’t respond with anything other than a slight nod causing him to sigh in relief as he holds his heart, whether she chooses to accept it or not, she has many people who care for her here, me being one of them.

I lead her home. Our home, at least i hope i can make it that way. I will spend the rest of my life, making up for my mistakes. I just have to hope it works out.

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