Alpha Rogue

16 - The decision

“Your wolf.” Chase started. But Orion was watching.

“Can you stop regarding me and myself as different beings?” I sat pulling Aiyu beside me. Of course, Chase growled but I did not mind.

“Orion and I are basically different although we are one.” He explained.

“I know.” That’s werewolf 101, a human and a werewolf in one body.

“But you said your name is Winter, and you were the one talking Thalia.”

“Yes. I am Winter, that’s my name, but I don’t usually use it when in human form. My mum named me Nathalia, but my real name is Winter.”

“I don’t understand.” kyle whispered.

“Well, Aiyu… explain.” I really have no talent in explaining.

He sighed. “Each werewolf has a human form and a wolf side, you can talk to your wolves like a conscience. However, Lianne only has a wolf side which can have a human body.” See? He’s better. Although, his story telling is pretty bland. “She has no human side that’s why she is stronger. Her instincts are pure.” Maybe if I let myself to rampage.

“What happened to your human side?” Chase has me on his eyes.

“I never had a human side.” I had, but it’s better not to tell. “It’s weird and that’s why I can be a real pain sometimes, or always.

“She has no human side to bear and guide her emotions, her decisions.” “I don’t have a human to severe the bond.” As far as my observation is, that is true. “I cannot limit myself for long before I lost control. That’s why I can never be in a pack.”

“You belong to–” I did not let him finish.

“I can kill you.” I said, eyes glinting red. His Beta and Gamma (Kyle and Jack) growled knowing the threat. Chase growled back at them, they nod but have their guards up.

“You are my mate.” Now you want me?

“I can kill your pack.” I said. He growled ferociously, standing. I did not. Aiyu has me behind him. Although both of us were sitting.

“You know what I can do. I killed Damon in a second, I killed those rogues and other wolves. I can kill you and your pack and come out alive.”

“Don’t.Threaten.My.Pack.” He’s losing it.

“Those are facts.” I nonchalantly said. ” And you can’t reject me, I have my rope on your neck. I can kill you in your sleep and rest assured it will be painful.”

“STOP!” He ordered. All three are now snarling, ready to shift.

“I am a threat.” I smiled for the bitter truth. The only escape he has is if I die. Sadly, I’ve been surviving no matter how I walked in between hell and doom. I sighed. I am a threat. I could practically see how their bloods drip in this room, how the smell I could register are only their blood. Aiyu will not prevent me, he’s very supportive. Well, he’s tired of life. I could see how my words processed in his mind. It was the truth. He closed his eyes for a few second and heaved a sigh. The two calmed a bit seeing their Alpha, calming.

“What are you proposing?” His voice sounded cold when he opened his eyes.

“I will leave.” I answered, suddenly doubting my words the second after. I never want to leave this town because this was where my once alive pack lived, but this is no longer my home. “You can live without me, believe it or not.” I can sense Orion fighting for control.

“I’m sorry Orion, there are unforgivable things.” I am unforgivable. He stopped struggling. He might find a new mate once I’m gone.

My plan? I don’t have one, this is the most expected outcome I aim for. But… I don’t know what I should do after this. What will happen? Will our connection fade over time? If only I have her, my human, my Nathalia. If only you were alive instead of me. I suppose this is a cursed blessing. The only available option now is to die, if I die, the bond will snap. He will find a new mate. Because afterall, I loved him.

—-What will you choose if you were Winter? Will you choose to venture knowing the danger and pain that it will cause, fighting against all odds, conquering destiny? Or will you choose to avoid fate and accept that the only thing there is, is the bitter end for you but will probably better for them?

But who we are to decide what is better for others? When we are the others for them?

THE END. Thank you for reading.


I never wanted to reject her. I would never want to hurt her.Because believe it or not, I have fallen inlove with her.


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