Alpha - Forever #1 (Complete)

Chapter 29 - Part 1


I gasped and filled my lungs with air. My chest hurt as the numbness in my body gave way to pain. I groaned. My throat was sore and it hurt to swallow.

“Scar,” I heard someone whisper. Disorientated, I tried to figure out who the source of the voice was. My eyelids felt so heavy and I struggled to open them.

“Come on, Scar, open your eyes,” the voice pleaded in a whisper. The voice was so close.

The sun blinded me for a moment as I opened one eye. Then I saw a face appear above me.

Cade. His eyes were filled with concern and I swear I saw moisture by his eyes. I wanted to reach out and brush it away but it hurt when I tried to lift my arms.

Everything rushed back in that moment: Curtis kidnapping and taking me to Victor, discovering Keri was a werewolf and Victor’s daughter. One after another I relived them as they flitted through my mind.

I clutched at my chest when I remembered the pain and then the nothingness. I felt my heart pounding in my ears at the fear of what had happened.

Cade leaned closer.

“It’s okay, Scar, I’ve got you,” he soothed.

“Cade…” I said in a hoarse voice.

“You’re okay,” he assured me as he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

I remembered the syringe and Victor injecting me with air just before I killed him.

“What…happened?” I managed to ask.

Cade brushed my hair from my face gently.

“You died…your heart stopped beating…I panicked so I did the only thing I could think of, I started CPR,” he explained. “Just when I didn’t think you were going to pull through I heard a faint pulse. Somehow you came back.”

Then I realized what the moisture by his eyes was. They were tears, tears he’d cried because he thought he’d lost me. I lifted a finger and brushed the tear from his face.

“We need to go,” said one of the members of our pack.

I remembered Victor telling me about attacking our pack. I reached out and clutched Cade’s shirt.

“The pack?” I gasped, feeling panicked.

“Everything is okay. The fight is over and we won,” he told me with relief.

“We’ll talk about everything later,” he said. “We are still in enemy territory and we need to get out of here before someone sees us.”

I wasn’t sure what happened or who took over from Victor now that he was dead.

“I killed Victor,” I whispered.

“You killed Victor?” Cade repeated in disbelief.

“He is in the basement of the building,” I told him. His eyes pierced mine and for a moment an array of emotions passed through them. First fear, then anger and finally pride shone in his eyes.

“Go and get the body,” he instructed one of the guys.

He looked back down to me, and his eyes softened.

“Let’s get you home,” he said. One of the guys stepped forward to pick me up but Cade shook his head.

“I’ve got her,” he said and he lifted me as gently as he could into his arms. I bit on my lip to keep myself from crying out in pain when the small action jarred my aching body.

I clutched at his shirt and buried my face against his chest, savoring the smell of him. I felt safe. After going through everything that I had, I was finally safe.

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