All About Abhira

63. Jalkukda-Jalkukdi (OS)

This is the last story of this book.


Note: Abhira are engaged and to be married soon. During the engagement party, Akshara overheard some comments that she was too tiny & thin and looked like a child in front of Abhimanyu so she got very conscious.


Akshara Goenka, soon to be Birla, was walking with her earphones on. She was talking with her fiancé- Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu: I don’t get it Akshu! Why?

Akshara: just because…

Abhimanyu: Ye ladkiyon ko rishta pakka hote hi gym jaane ka kya bhoot sawar ho jata hai? Meri Jaan, tum jaisi ho mujhe bohot pasand ho….you don’t need-

Akshara: But I am not doing this for weight loss!….and I am doing this for myself…

She said the last part slowly as she recalled how the ladies had compared her to a stick and even said she’d have trouble delivering children.

Abhimanyu: Okay baba, if that is what YOU want…

Akshara: I do. Chalo mai rakhti hoon….I have reached.

Abhimanyu: Okay. Mai bhi hospital ke liye nikalta hoon…Love you jaan!

Akshara: Love you Abhi, bye.

She hung up the phone and went inside the gym while Abhimanyu too got busy with his day.

~Few days later~

Early morning, Abhimanyu called his gym owner. He was standing outside the building. 

Abhimanyu: Hello? Aaj gym nahi khola kya?

Owner: Nahi Abhimanyu, mujhe urgent kaam se raat me hi out of city jana pada….kissi aur ko handover krne ka bhi time nahi tha….Tum aaj gym jaane ka plan kr rahe ho?

Abhimanyu: Haan vo ghar me leg proper nahi lgti….anyways, you take care…bye.

He hangs up.

Abhimanyu: Ek kaam krta hoon…aaj Akshu ko surprise de deta hoon…

He sat on his bike and reached the gym where Akshara had started to go. He entered the gym and quickly spotted his girlfriend- no fiancé!- lifting some weights. A smile made its way automatically on his face as he began to step towards her.

Trainer: Akshara, not like this!

A man in vest and shorts grabbed her arms from behind and corrected her posture. Abhimanyu froze as his eyes zoomed in on her arms or rather his arms on hers. Akshara herself was distracted as she was looking around till her eyes met his.

Trainer: Akshara! Focus.

Akshara: Abhii…

Trainer: Abhi? Right, I like this better though-

Abhimanyu: Save it! she means me… Hi, Abhimanyu…

Trainer: Myself Abhishek! Hi Abhimanyu…Akshara you know him?

Akshara: Yes, he is

Abhimanyu: Her fiancé

Abhishek: Oh…okay. Here?

Abhimanyu: My regular gym was closed so I thought I’d check this out…

Abhishek: Okay…why don’t you look around? Our gym is very updated.

The trainer said enthusiastically. Abhimanyu scanned the area.

Abhimanyu: hmm, it’s alright.

Abhishek: Eh, okay…um please come with me, I’d show you around better…

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