thirty - three (Minor TW ⚠️)

thirty - three (Minor TW ⚠️)

‘i don’t need your body to survive, but now that i’ve got a taste why would i try’

I sigh in Titus’ arms, i spent the whole day at school worrying, I feared that while i was away he would get taken from me, Libby understood and kept the topic of him away from the conversation, she’s taking it surprisingly well, then again she’s Libby.

My eyes fall upon the officers as they stare down at the pack from a hill, i know they’re going to come soon and when they do we need to be prepared, we’re all going to have to avoid the werewolf topic and no one can shift until they’ve gone.

“It’s going to be okay.” Titus whispers as he stares at the officers, we decided to go outside for a while, the fresh air very needed. “Funny, I was just going to say the same thing.” We’re both worried, both needing the comfort. Titus chuckles into my hair as he kisses the top of my head gently.

My eyes catch the officers as he stares directly at us, a glare set on his hard features. “Titus,” I mumble, drawing his attention to the cop as he makes his way down the hill and right in our direction. Titus stands, grabbing my arm, pulling me up with him as i slightly cower behind him, i’m the worst under pressure and right now thousands of lives are at risk.

“Officer,” My mate grumbles as he stares at the older man before us, “You’re the leader of this…cult thing, am i right?” The pure disgust in his tone sends shivers down my spine. His eyes catch me before falling back on Titus as his fellow officer, a younger woman most likely in her early 20’s, joins us.

“We’re aren’t a cult, but you would be correct.” The officer laughs bitterly as he stares up at my mate. “Well, cult or not, you’re gonna have to come with me.” He spits before his eyes land on me once more “Both of you.” Titus sucks in a deep breathe as he looks down at me.

“Lead the way.” He says as i hold tightly onto his arm, The older man nods as he leads us towards the hill he was stood on, the younger officer following in suit, a look of pity taking over her features as she stares at me. “I can’t do this, Titus, I crack under pressure.” I whisper as i follow the 2 officers.

Trust me, tesoro, You haven’t done a thing, if they ask you’re my fiancée and we are a community, not a cult

I look down at my palm as he places what seems to be an engagement ring in my hand, I stare up at him in shock, why did he have this? I choose not to question him as i skip it onto my finger, mostly because i’m following behind 2 cops and asking my ‘fiancée’ why he gave me an engagement ring wouldn’t go very well.

“I’ll talk with the girl,” The younger officer speaks causing the man to nod, “What do you mean? We won’t be interviewed together?” I panic, but Titus places his hands on my arms, “It’s ok,” he whispers, kissing my forehead as he follows the man, leaving me and the young female officer together.

She leads me into a tent where a brown table sits, a chair either side. “Please take a seat.” I nod as i sit in front of the woman. “Now what’s your name?”

“Amity Romano, well almost.” I say as i stare down at the ring, she seems to buy it. “And your age?”


“Well Amity, i’m sure you’re aware of what happened,” I nod “I just wanted to make sure you knew nothing of the event.” I shake my head rapidly.

“I was with my Fiancée and my friends the entire night, we were all just kinda joking around together,” She nods as she hits something down of the paper in front of her, “I presume you’re still in high school?” She questions causing me to nod.

“We’re these friends from school or…?” I nod, “One of them was, the other 2 are from this community.” I take a moment to breath as she reads over her notes, my eyes go behind me as another man enters, a cold hard glare set in his face almost identical to the man with Titus.

“If i may ask, Mr. Romano is 24? If you’re still in school why are you with a man like that, let alone engaged to him?” The woman questions, when i don’t answer she asks more questions, “How did you harm your leg?” I stare up at her in shock. How did she know? “You seem to be holding it and you also seemed to be in pain when you sat.” What do i say to this, ‘oh my mate has werewolf enemies so they exploded a car?’

“We had a some gas leaking from our vehicle and somehow it got lit and exploded, i was the only one harmed, Titus managed to push me away before any serious damage was done.” She nods, before sighing and staring up at the man. “Does he hit you? Abuse you? Did he do that to you?” The man sneers bluntly.

“What? No!”

“Lying isn’t gonna do anything whether you have some fucked up mental problem that makes you feel the need to protect him or not, we know he did that, we’ve watched him for years, we see the stuff he does we just need sufficient evidence to put him away.”

“How dare you.” Rage bubbles through me as i stare at the pitiful excuse of cops, “Accusing my fiancee of harming me because of some stupid belief about how we live. Titus would never lay a hand on me and you insinuating that he does offends me.” I shout standing, i can practically feel my face go red.

“Amity, we need the truth, does he do that? Does he force himself onto you? I cant see why else a man in power would want a vulnerable child.” I look over at the woman who is shocked by her co workers words but decided against saying anything.

“I hope you know what you’re accusing him of. This interview is over, and you, you deserve to rot in hell.” I spit as i stare up at the officer. I storm out of the tent, immediately spotting Titus who sits with his elbows on his shaking legs and head in his hand. He looks up when he feels my presence and immediately i break down, falling into his arms.

I sob into his chest as stress overwhelms me. “What did you say to her?” Titus shouts angrily, “We asked her some simple questions.” The officer shrugs causing me to turn to face him.

“You accused my Fiancée of abuse and sexual assault or rape, they aren’t simple questions,” I say as i wipe away my tears, Titus practically goes red but i stop him before he can say anything, i place my hand on his cheek as i stare up at him, “Can we go home?” He just nods instead of speaking and leads me to home, to our home.

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