Surprise Bonus Chapter

Surprise Bonus Chapter

Brianna’s POV

Romano and Brianne’s daughters!.Francesca Maria Cruz (left)Angelica Martia Cruz (right)

Romano and I decided to have a little date night. So tonight Romano’s mother was more than excited to do it. Wow. Sometimes I have to look back on all of this, four kids!. To others, it was a lot but I didn’t care because I loved them. And I still wanted more with Romano. “Hey baby you ready? Look at you looking all sexy for me.” He leans in kissing my neck from behind me.

“Yes I am but if you keep doing that we’ll never leave the house.” I laughed. “You right. Come on.” He playfully slaps my butt.

Taking my hand in his we walked downstairs telling my babies and mother in law we’re leaving. Romano and I got in the car on our way to our favorite restaurant. He takes my hand while the other one was on the steering wheel. “I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you more.”

He winks. God that man still gave me butterflies after being married to him for so long.


“I’ll be right back with your food.” The waitress said. This was a five-star restaurant with the best food. They mostly served Italian.. That thought made me laugh in my head. Ever since I’ve been with Romano I have been loving everything Italian since. I take a sip of my red wine. Looking up Romano stared at me. His gaze turning into lust and love.


“Just thinking about the first time we met. Remember?”

I blushed. It was sort of embarrassing remembering how we met and all.

“You were staring at me through your window while fixing- what was that? Chocolate cake.” His grew velvety and deep. I knew what he was doing at it was turning me on.

“Yep..and I thought you had a girlfriend but it was your sister.”

“Of course you were disappointed. But when you found out one of your coworkers said she used to date me..that did it there. Do you remember what else happened?”

The waitress came with our food. Finally! Romano knew how to get me all hot and stuff even in public but he doesn’t need to know that. After we were done we left the restaurant taking a long night cruise. “You didn’t answer me, baby.”


“You remember what else happened?” I swallowed. God help me! “I wanted to kick your balls.”

We stopped at an empty parking lot. I didn’t what we were doing. “But you didn’t, love. You kissed me.”

“No, I’m pretty sure you kissed me first.”

“Oh, no baby. You the one started this.”

I shook my head. “All I was doing was baking a freaking cake! I didn’t start anything.”

“Ohh but you did. You knew I would take a bite of that beautiful chocolate and lick that icing hoping I would do that to you.”

My breathing got heavy. Why must this man do this to me? He takes off his seat belt along with mine then leaning in capturing my lips in a kiss. Our lips moved in sync so passionately. I know it’s probably a little tarnish to be making out at a parking lot in the dark but I didn’t want this moment to stop. I loved Romano. I loved his possessive crazy love for me.

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