Part 35

Part 35

The silence is a little awkward, but it’s also very calm.

The two pairs are sitting comfortable, Avery having moved her chair to lean against Roman’s legs, her head against his abdomen.

“What’s your name?” Avery asks the girl beside Scott.

He shoots her a slight look, and Avery shrugs.

“I’m assuming I’m going to see her again, so I don’t see a problem with being friendly. It’s you I have the issue with, not her,” Avery yawns, looking bored at having to explain herself.

“Kali,” she almost whispers back.

“Like the goddess of destruction?” Avery asks with a hint of humour in her voice.

Roman nudges her, shooting her a stern look.

“Yes, you’re familiar?” The girl asks quietly, her voice slightly accented.

“I know a little bit of every culture and language, it’s a beautiful name,” Avery nods, feeling uneasy.

“So you two.. screwed?” Kali manages to get out, and Scott and Avery exchange a regretful look.

“Yes,” both nod and Kali simply nods back, before going back to being silent.

“It was a long time ago, and I promise we have no interest in each other now! How could we, have you seen yourself!?” Avery gushes, clapping her hands together excitedly.

Oh my goddess, would you relax, Sonya grumbles, she’s actually going to think you’re insane. 

“Besides,” Avery continues, “I have someone else in my life now.”

Roman freezes up a little at this sentence, wondering if she’s talking about herself of him. Her confidence can actually be intimidating at times, but that’s his own issue, not hers.

Well done, you dumb blonde bitch, Sonya hisses, practically able to sense Roman withdraw from the energy in the room.

Avery closes her eyes and inhales deeply.

“Thank you,” Kali mumbles back, a ghost of a smile on her face.

“We’re going to go now. Petty, Kali, it was nice to speak to you,” Roman nods, standing up, and bringing Avery up out of her chair with him.

Avery quirks a brow, wondering where this almost controlling – or dominating? – side of him has come from.

He slides his hand into hers, and they walk out of the office and back into the hall, where some Alphas are still lingering.

Avery smiles and nods and says hello to Alpha Tim, and Mike, Meredith’s mate. She doesn’t see Meredith, but she spots a flash of blue hair vanishing out the door and can hear her friend’s laugh, so she smiles at the knowledge the two found each other. 

Roman quietly collects their things, holding her clutch for her, which she raises a brow at, but doesn’t question it as he retakes her hand, and the two quietly walk towards the dining hall.

“Grab two plates. I don’t mind what of,” he whispers into her ear, “and come meet me upstairs. We need to talk.”

At those words, Avery could have sworn her heart drops out of her asshole.

She nods wordlessly, quickly walking into the dining hall, and picking up two plates of food.

There’s water in the room, and their maid will no doubt insist on getting them whatever they want.

She numbly walks up the stairs, utterly oblivious to everything around her.

“Avery? Avery? Hello, anyone home?” Meredith jokes, Lilith beside her, both looking concerned at the sight of Avery’s ghostly face.

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