New Story NOTICE!

New Story NOTICE!

SIDELINE || Haitani Rindou

“Your scream is my lullaby, babe”

After her brother was sent to the hospital and need an immediate operation, Chiyo find herself doing things she never have done before just for money. And there, she met the sadist guy named Haitani Rindou.

Warning: R18Drugs, abuse, crime and blood.

– – – – – – –


I finally came up with a decent fixed story line for Rindou’s story. It’s not an xreader story just like ‘RECIPROCATE’ , please don’t expect to see “y/n”. 

Also, I made some changes to the flow of the story. If ever you did read the version before I unpublished it, don’t be confused. Characters are still the same though.

That’s all. Thank you again! And we’ll see you again on the next story!


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