Nate's POV: Her

Nate's POV: Her

“Are you even listening to me?” Molly questions as she wrings her hands in her lap. I mumble a yes but my eyes stay glued on Kelly Henderson as she sits by herself on a park bench.

Why was she alone? She is never alone. There is always some girl or group of people surrounding her like a swarm of bees. But I guess that’s the type of attention you get when you’re queen bee.

“No, you are not. Nathaniel!” Molly waps me on the arm and I flinch back. “This is serious. She kissed me. And…” Molly’s face reddens and she gnaws at her lip. Trent talks a lot about Molly’s lips. I think he has a crush on her. “I liked it.”

“Maybe you’re Katy Perry,” I offer as insight. Truth is, I wasn’t really listening. But my cheeks burn a little at her confession. I did hear that.

Molly’s eyes roll skyward and she doesn’t smile like I expect her to. Usually I could make her laugh seeming she found me too geeky to function, as she put it, but I like her. She is a little rough around the edges but she has always had my back no matter what the situation.

I think I remind her of her brother that passed away last summer in a train accident. A few boys were playing by the train tracks–drinking, people were always drinking– when they decided to play chicken. Long story short, Molly’s brother didn’t move in time and got hit by the oncoming train.

Sometimes I think this town is cursed. But really, people were just too careless and rarely think of the consequences of their actions.

Molly doesn’t really talk of her brother, Nick, but I have seen a few photos at her house when she has us over. Him and I have the same colored eyes as well as height.

I think that’s why she’s latched herself onto me when she joined the chem club this semester. I’ve known her since the third grade when her family moved here from Brooklyn but she didn’t take notice of me until freshman year. I’ve only known her for a few months but I consider her as good of a friend and Trent and Gavin.

I look back over to the bench that Kelly occupies to see her reading a book. I can’t see from this distance as to what it is but she has a light smile on her face. The wind picks up and a long strand of blonde hair intercepts my close to stalker staring. She reaches up and tucks it behind her ear to allow me to fully catch a grin. She laughs and I swear the wind carries it over to where I am sitting and blatantly ignoring my friend who is glaring me.

Molly sighs loudly and it makes my ears prick.


“What?” I innocently ask, too embarrassed to have gotten caught staring at the girl that of whom the male species drools over.

Molly rolls her eyes again and begins shoving her books into her backpack. We had come to the park hoping to get some studying done but I knew the moment I saw her a few yards away from me, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

I don’t know what it is about the girl that makes me stare. Sure, she’s beautiful, with her icy blonde hair and eyes the color of the ocean when the tide is shallow and the sun is shining but there was something else too. It’s the aura around her that makes her seem brighter then the rest of the people walking around.

“What?” I ask again, fully tearing my eyes away from the bench and to my friend who appears furious.

“I cannot believe the male species.” She shoves her pencil pouch roughly into her bag before she zips it in jerking motions.

“I’m listening,” I say and squint from the sun when Molly stands. “You were talking about Jill’s party and how you all decided to play spin the bottle and it landed on some girl and you liked kissing her.”

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