Here Together (Christmas Special/Epilogue) 🎄

Here Together (Christmas Special/Epilogue) 🎄

The wreath hung nicely around the stone, not blocking the text and matching well with the snow. It was made of green, red, and light blue origami papers, and it took you way too long to remember how to fold it. Rina has taught you long ago.

You sat down with your legs crossed in front of the grave, leaning back with your hands, your fingers a bit pink and numb from the cold snow.

“Hey, Rina,” you said. You smiled slightly at the grave. “How’ve you been?”

There was no answer, of course.

“Hizashi and I decided to have our wedding soon. It’s been pretty busy lately, with villains, school, and the holiday season. But I have a feeling it’s going to settle down and we’ll have some time to get our lives together. Literally.”

You looked down at your hand, staring at the ring. Looking back up, you sighed. “I wish you were going to be there for the occasion.” The place stayed silent.

“At least Trinket will be there, she’s invited,” you joked. “I’m glad she’s still here. You really gave it your all with your quirk to keep her alive, even when you’ve passed, huh?”

You had left Trinket back at home, since she would have played in the snow. You were worried that it would ruin her paper, as it could wet her.

“I’m glad. It’s like a part of you is still with me, having fun and making fun of Hizashi.” You laughed lightly to yourself. “Trinket refused to let Hizashi put a star on the Christmas tree. She stayed on top of it until he gave up. To be fair, she is a star.”

Hizashi had acted annoyed, but it was obvious he really wasn’t. It was quite humorous, though, to see him frustrated for a while after he made fun of you for your height. You had asked him to put up the star, seeing as he was taller than you.

You talked with Rina some more, playing with the snow around you and making a small snowman, using small pebbles and sticks. There were a bit more people in the graveyard than usual tonight. Perhaps it was because it was Christmas, and the people wanted to visit their deceased for the holidays.

You stopped talking after a while, resting your voice and listening to the faint sounds of voices of other people, bells, and birds.


A soft voice made you open your eyes that you hadn’t noticed you closed. You tilted your head back to see an upside-down Hizashi smiling at you, blond hair falling into your face.

You shook your head, giggling as it tickled you. “Hizashi.”

He sat down next to you. “I thought I’d find you here.”

“Did you now?” you questioned, kissing his cheek. “I thought I told you my whereabouts before I left.”

He laughed. “Well, even if you didn’t, I would’ve guessed you’d be here.” He wrapped an arm around you. “Enjoying the holiday season with Rina.”

“Yeah.” You leaned against him, enjoying the warmth.

The silence lasted for a while before you sighed again.

“I wish she was here. To enjoy Christmas and our wedding soon.”

“I’m sure she’ll be there in spirit. They do say that Christmas is the time for good spirits. And if I know anything,” Hizashi gestured to the grave, “it’s that Rina is a good spirit. An amazing spirit, as you can tell from Trinket.”

You laughed. “Yeah. It’s like there’s a part of her in Trink.”

You checked the time, then got up.

“Let’s go home. We wouldn’t want to keep the gang waiting.” You and Hizashi had planned a Christmas party at his place for the teachers. You had a funny feeling if the two of you weren’t there to supervise the adults, there was going to be a surprise waiting. And it wasn’t a good kind. Hizashi had bought alcohol for the party, and you doubted Nemuri would hold back.

“We’ve got time before it gets crazy,” Hizashi reassured. “Why not enjoy the walk?”

You nodded, waiting for Hizashi to get up. When you started walking, Hizashi took your hand.

“Woah, why are your hands so cold?” Hizashi took your hand in both of his, rubbing them. His hands were surprisingly warm.

You shrugged, blushing slightly as he grabbed your other hand and exhaled on them. “I had them in the snow.”

Hizashi raised an eyebrow at you. “Here.” He put your hands in his pocket. You now had one arm across your body awkwardly.

“I have my own pockets, y’know,” you joked, getting one hand out. “At least let me have one arm out normally.”

Hizashi huffed out a “fine” before putting his hand in his pocket next to yours, adding on to the warmth.

Before the two of you started walking away, you looked back at Rina’s grave.

“Merry Christmas, Rina.”

~♪♫ ♪♫ ♪~

When you and Hizashi arrived back at his house, it was surprisingly quiet. Almost too quiet. It was Hizashi’s house, after all.

“Are we early or something?” you asked.

“They could be inside drunk off their asses and hungover.”

“It’s way too early for that.”

The two of you entered carefully. You could see Nezu drinking tea instead of beer, Shota in the corner trying to get Trinket out of his hair, and Nemuri on the couch staring at the two of you smugly. The others were probably elsewhere in the house or haven’t arrived yet.

“Hey,” you announced yourself to the others who haven’t noticed you yet. “What’s—?”

Nemuri pointed above your heads. A thought immediately went through your head as you sighed, looking up to see a mistletoe. Hizashi didn’t even need to look up to know. He rolled his eyes at Nemuri before he kissed you.

~♪♫ ♪♫ ♪~

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

A lot of you asked for an epilogue, and here ya go!

~♪♫ ♪♫ ♪~

“You know we’re engaged and love each other and kiss a lot already!” Hizashi yelled.

“So why are you still doing this?” you added on.

Nemuri smiled, pointing out yet another mistletoe hanging above them, obviously put there by her. There were hidden ones everywhere in the house, and the others were in on it as well.

“It’s cute.”

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