Final Chapter 38

Final Chapter 38

Chapter 38

“What do you want, Mr Loyd?” Audrey tried to say flatly but was unable to comprehend the ache in her heart that still lingers strongly.

“Give me your right hand.” He simply stated opening his hand with his palms facing upwards waiting for her hand.

“What?” She was confused and he took her right hands lifting up the uniform sleeve to reveal the bloody scratch on her upper arm. He took out the alcohol from the first aid box that he held on his other hand, dampened the cotton and slowly cleaned the dried blood, occasionally blowing onto the wound as she flinched. He was so gentle that it hurts even more. It took her whole strength to even get out from her bed trying to forget all the memories they made together. The way he liked to tease her, the different coloured flowers that he brought on each date without fail, the way he comforted her as she was grieving for her dear grandmother and how he protected her from the lawsuit. The memories flashed into her mind as she saw how gentle he was attending to her wound, the way he noticed without fail on the minor things that happened to her. She misses him that she would not mind being touched by him even for a second. But realized that they were nothing. He was cold and vile when he told her to leave. She made herself vulnerable and trusted him but he broke her heart.

“I missed you, Audrey.” He said looking at her teary hazel eyes.

“What? You can’t just waltz into my heart, breaking it and say something like that!” She stated in disbelief wiping the tears that fell off her left cheek.

“I know I have trust issues and I was jealous. I saw the picture of you and Cale at the coffee shop and then I overheard him that it wasn’t even a planned meeting. I was blinded and I hurt you. I shouldn’t have pushed you away.” He said, unable to look into her sad eyes while his guilt was eating him alive.

“You could’ve asked me. Talk to me, Ethan. But you chose to push me away and it hurts. It really hurts, Ethan. You’re so cruel!” She closed her eyes, tears rolling down and placed both her hands balled into an interlocking fist on her chest.

“I know, Audrey…” He pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her small frame, his heart clenched at the sight of her crying. He missed the scent of her hair, the faint dimple on her cheeks as she smiled, the way she touched him, the way she cared and took care of him. He wants her. The crying died down eventually yet they still clung onto each other.

“My mother left my father when his business failed, when we were in difficult situation. I was eight at that time. She went away with another rich guy and did not even say good bye or visit or even want her own child. I was left with my stern father who was already vicious enough before it all happened. He became more ruthless when my mother left him. He was broken, he lost his empire, and the only one thing left was me. He tried to rebuild his empire, trying to be the father and trying not to be relentless. So when he stood back up on his feet and as his empire grew tremendously, he re-marry Lana’s mother, Grace. Grace, she was nothing like her name. She didn’t care about her husband’s son, all she wanted was just his money. Then, when my father found out about her mistreatmen, he divorced her.

I grew up alone, my father taught me to be tough, tenacious and persistent but he forgot how to give beyond that. He taught me not to trust women, and I didn’t, I did not trust anyone. Then, a month before my mother died, she came to my father for help, she was diagnosed with heart failure and it cost a fortune. My father took her in, but in spite of the condition, she made use of his wealth and lived lavishly without guilt. She did not even ask or said anything to me, nothing. The day she died, I lost my mother, a person who merely gave birth to me and that was it. I was furious at her that I couldn’t feel sad. And it was wrong to throw it out on you. I didn’t mean to push you away. I knew you were different and that was why I wanted to know more about you. I should not let my insecurities blinded me. I really miss you, Audrey…” He sighed not knowing how she would react but he placed his trust and left his hearts opened for her. They continue to look at each other searching for answers through their eyes.

“I’m sorry that your mother left you. I’m sorry that your father was too tough on you. I’m sorry that you were emotionally abused by your step-mother. I’m sorry that you have to experience through all those horrible things alone even as a child until now. Thank you for trusting me and opened up to me, I know how difficult it must’ve been to put your trust to someone, to me. And… now I understand why you did what you did, although it was wrong of you, but I understand. You’ve been through too much to trust again. So, thank you. And I miss you too, Ethan… very much that it hurts. But, I don’t know if I can go through this again, it hurts too much, Ethan.” She said looking down at her clenched hands.

“I understand but you’re mine, Audrey and I’m never letting you go.” He leaned forward to claim her lips lifting his hands to the back of her neck pulling her closer to deepen the kiss. He yearns for her kiss for a long time. Their kiss grew vigorous and eager, she moved closer to him not realizing that she sat on his lap as his hands roamed around her waist, her shoulder and her back sending waves of pleasure. They hunger for each other savouring each other’s sweet taste panting in between their kiss. Slowly, their kiss subside and they broke the kiss panting and satisfied with their reconciliation.

“Come with me to Paris.” He blatantly asked.

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