Extra Chapter: When Muzan met Tanjiro's dead parent...

Extra Chapter: When Muzan met Tanjiro's dead parent...

So, the writer stole the God’s power and summoned Tanjiro’s dead parents. And they seemed…very angry…about Muzan…(Good luck, Muzan Jackson.)

The writer, then, brought them to Tanjiro.

Tanjiro’s POV

“Dad! Mum! I missed you.” I shouted as I saw my parents. “We missed you too, Tanjiro.” Both of them said sweetly.

After a little gathering…

No one’s POV

“Tanjiro, can we meet your boyfriend?” Kie asked. “You mean Muzan? Oh…I am sorry about dating the one who killed you, b-but he has changed!” Tanjiro said, scared if his parents disagreed him being with the demon king. “No no, Tanjiro. We are not blaming you. We just want to see him.” Tanjuro said softly with a smile. “O-oh…ok!” Tanjiro replied.

Then, Tanjiro called Muzan and told him what had happened. Let’s see how he would react😏

No one’s POV

“What the f-” He exclaimed in the call. “Muzan darling, what do you want to complain about?” Tanjiro asked with a creepy smile. “N-nothing dear, I j-just want to say that I will come back as soon as possible.” Muzan said in a scared voice. “That is so sweet! Then, I will prepare for dinner. See you, dear.” Tanjiro said. “B-bye…” And the call ended.

When Muzan arrived home…

Tanjiro’s POV

I heard the front door opened and said happily, “Muzan, you’re back! Come with me now!” Muzan didn’t say anything but nodded.

In the living room…

Muzan’s POV

“So, you are my son’s husband?” Tanjuro said. “Y-yes…” I answered, trembling. “Darling, are you cold? Why are you trembling?” Tanjiro asked. “No, I am n-not cold.” I replied. “Uh…Mr. Kamado, d-do you…” I mumbled. “First of all,” Tanjuro said. “Call me father, Mr. Kibutsuji.” “Dad, you accept us!?” Tanjiro exclaimed. “Sweetie, of course me and father accept this marriage.” Kie said with a soft smile. “But, you need to follow a few rules.” Tanjuro said and shot a death stare at me. I started trembling like crazy. “You, Muzan Kibutsuji, had to promise that you will never hurt him physically or mentally. Second, you will give him anything he wants. If you violate any of the rules above, I swear to God that I will end you painfully. Did I make myself clear?” Tanjuro ordered. “Y-yes, f-father.” I replied. “Wait, I wanna make a more rule.” Kie said. “May I a-ask what it is?” I asked. “Make me some babiessssssssssss!” Kie said.

Tanjiro’s POV

I blushed when mum said she wanted babies. “I will try my best, mother.” I heard Muzan responded.


I want babiesssssssssssss🌚

Word count: 443

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