Epilogue (Finale)

Epilogue (Finale)

“We’re here,” Nathaniel said, turning off the ignition of the car, Samantha’s eyes caught sight of the building right opposite the car. Her breath seized at the sight of it.

Flashes of the past began creeping in back through her head, a raging ache blinded her sight, making her grip on the seatbelt tightened, a refusal to leave the room.

“Why are we here?” Samantha managed to speak through the enclosed throat, her gaze refused to snap away from the building.

A warm hand held hers, providing warmth through her body, a sense of comfort realizing she held her breath for a while. Nathaniel’s hand left hers immediately as it came.

The sound of the door shutting by her side grabbed her attention, her eyes trailed his movement. Forcefully Samantha tries suppressing the trembles on her fingers.

Nathaniel pulled open the door by her side, his long rough hand outstretched towards her. Staring at it for a second, she glanced at him receiving a curt nod in reply-a reassurance.

Sigh in defeat, Samantha took his hand letting herself from the car. Her gaze shifted towards the quiet house as the silent street reached her hear immediately her feet touched the concrete driveway.

Wrapping her arms around herself, the calm wind caressed her skin, squinting her eyes at the burning sun warming her body. The sound of the car door slamming shut brought an awareness of Nathaniel’s presence.

“You still haven’t told me why we’re here?” Samantha countered, averting her gaze back towards him, watching him stood by her side.

“You’ll find out soon.” He murmured pecking her lips, Nathaniel’s arms wrapped around her waist, ushering her forward to the front porch, giving her the warm smile and reassurance. Samantha knew all would be well with him by her side.

Knocking on the wooden door, Nathaniel moved to stand by her, unconsciously her fingers linked with his, warming her system even more. The pleasure she derived from the sight of his movement. Watching walk again made a smoke creeping on her face.

The lock being dragged open, snapped Samantha’s attention away from Nathaniel’s, immediately she took sight of Joe, who stood by the ajar door.

Something about the say the old man gazed at her, made Samantha question her sanity. The emotional intensity prompts the need for more awareness, to unlock whatever secret that door held.

“Nathaniel,” Joe said pointedly, his gaze not removing away from hers. “Samantha.” He whispered, rubbing Samantha with an unknown emotion. “Come in.”

Stepping back from the door, he welcomed them both into the house, still placing his gaze right on Samantha.

Could it be he had missed her? Maybe she was rather too selfish not visiting him for once after saving her life, by calling him through a phone. Was she that heartless?

Taking in the homely sight of the house, unconsciously she walked through the short hallway, not caring if Nathaniel followed along. The pictures hanging on the wall made Samantha more confused than ever at the lack of any other living being present in the house.

The image of a man in his early twenties arms resting on a younger woman-not far from his age. Two female toddlers in ponytail sat on their lip, showing a full-blown grin.

This was a picture of a happy family, a perfect one at that. What happened? Where are they?

A press on her shoulder, followed by the scent of cologne passed through her nostrils, made awareness who it was. “Samantha, I can’t say I know how terrible you must feel with the bad memories. But I promise you, whatever is going to take place today will change everything you ever believe.” His voice coxed her restlessness a bit.

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