Bonus Chapter - Fight Night

Bonus Chapter - Fight Night

I’m still amazed I have over 500K reads. Half a million amazing people have read this book and it’s insane.

I dedicate this chapter to each and every one of you.

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Usually being all dressed up, with hair done, makeup on and in heels would mean a night out going clubbing or dinner at a fancy restaurant for Mia.

It definitely did not equal to spending her evening at a boxing match.

Ever since she had gotten married to Sebastian, it meant a lot of changes in her life, the most prominent one included sports.

With her Dad and her brother already quite into a lot of sports, it meant that she was always exposed to the subject, but now because of her husband it meant it was nearly taking over her life.

It was why she now found herself at a boxing match, with a seat reserved front and centre of the ring.

Tonight, Sebastian was participating in a boxing match for charity.

It was a new idea that Sebastian had come up with since taking over the company to boost morale at the place, and also to do something noble at the same time.

He’d spoken to the head of Novelle, another big company, similar to Carter, and pitched this idea to them. They instantly agreed to it, loving the idea, and the match was given the go-ahead.

All proceeds from the night were going to three different charities, and both Carter and Novelle would double the amount made and donate that as well.

“Mia! Over here!”, she heard her name being called in the crowd of people who had already found themselves surrounding the bar.

Mia quickly spotted Diana calling her over, and made her way towards her.

“Hey Diana” Mia quickly hugged her, and once they moved away, she looked down at Diana’s outfit and was in awe. “You look stunning” she told her.

Diana was in a gorgeous lilac dress, with thin spaghetti straps, shimmering under the lights. It wasn’t all too surprising that she was getting double-takes from people, who were also in a daze looking at her.  

“I know” Diana playfully winked at her, and then gestured towards Mia’s form. “You look so gorgeous, I hope Seb doesn’t get distracted” she joked.

Mia had dressed in a navy-blue, midi dress. It has a slightly deep-cut neckline, and quite a slim fit, with thin straps at the shoulders.

Since Sebastian was going to be wearing navy blue shorts, Mia thought it’d be nice to match him.

“I really hope not” Mia said, letting out a nervous chuckle. The last thing she wanted to be was a distraction, but since the dress-code had specifically stated to dress to impress, Mia ran with it.

Her eyes then looked around. “Where are the boys?” She asked.

“Already with Seb in the changing rooms, probably egging him on, getting him all pumped up” Diana said, adding a laugh at the end.

Diana’s father was a trainer at a gym, and so she was incredibly used to this boxing life, her second home was basically the gym. She’d come to the gym after school, and do her homework there.

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