Announcement II

Announcement II

And here it is…

The Mafia’s DaughterA tale of fatal love.

Josephine Laurent with her beautiful blonde hair and dazzling green eyes always had life easy. She got whatever she pointed at and her life was the best anyone could ask for or at least that is what she wanted to believe. Underneath the irrevocable love her father, Jacques Laurent, showered on her, laid dark secrets and a terrifying past. All her life she pretended to be someone she was not just to stay on the good side of her ‘Papa’ until she met Charles Hunter.

Charles Hunter, a Special Forces secret agent of the CIA, was given his first assignment overseas at the age of twenty five, to infiltrate the ranks of the French mafia boss, Jacques Laurent, who had started laying his foundation in the States. Charles is a man who knows how to kill a person hundred different ways with his bare hands but he was left defenseless the moment he laid his eyes on Josephine Laurent.

Where would this fatal alliance lead?

To love or to destruction?

This story will start once ‘A Love Found In Affliction’ is complete.Till then leave your views in the comments and tell what you think of this new story plot!❤

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