Alternate Ending I

Alternate Ending I

“Why are you staring at me?” Christopher asked, staring down at Emilyn, who is sitting on his lap. “You should focus on the movie, you picked it.”

“I just help to think how much you have helped me.” Emilyn starts. “Since from the beginning when my grandma emitted to hospital, staying with me while I was grieving and acting like a brat and letting me into you racing world.” Emilyn smiles at him, “I’m really glad that you bump into me at the race track.”

“I bump into you, more like you bump into me.” Christopher chuckles.

The ring of the doorbell rang, causing Emilyn to jump. Christopher groans, “I’m going to kill that person.” He grumbles.

“Are you going to get it?” Emilyn asked.

“No, ignore it.” He said, but the doorbell kept ringing. Emilyn slides off his lap, but Christopher pulls her back. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to answer it, what if it’s important?” Christopher reluctantly let go of his grip on Emilyn’s waist. Emilyn head to open the door but was met with a woman. “Hi, can I help you?”

“Uhm…is Christopher Evans home?” The woman at the door asked.

“Yes, who are you?”

“I’m…” Christopher interrupts before the woman can say her name, “Angel, who’s at the door?” As Christopher arrives at the door, he said, “Paige?” He was shocked. The woman who left him years ago is in front of his door.

“What are you doing here?” Christopher crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at her.

“I need your help, you are the only one who can help me,” Paige said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“Rist!” Emilyn scolds him. “We don’t know what she needs, can we just listen to her,” Christopher grumbled and muttered some incoherent words.

“Come in,” Emilyn invites her in. “Let’s talk inside.” Christopher huff and rolled his eyes, stomping into the house.

“So, what can we do for you?” Emilyn asked, sitting down next to Paige; while Christopher sat next to Emilyn.

“I really didn’t want to come and beg for your help.” She takes a peek at Christopher, but he looks away. “My son has leukemia and I don’t have the money to continue with his treatment.”

“So, you came back after all these years asking to borrow some money from me.” Christopher scoff. Emilyn turned around and glared at him.

“I’m sorry for what I did, but I really have no choice to ask for your help,” Paige said.

“Paige, would you excuse us for a sec,” Emilyn told her and pulled Christopher into the kitchen.

“What are we doing here?” Christopher asked.

“Look, I know you guys have a bad history together, but she needs your help,” Emilyn explains. “Her son needs the treatment, can’t you see how desperate she is.”

“Please,” Emilyn begged. “If you don’t like her, but think about the child. He needs help.”

Christopher sigh, “Fine.”

“Yay!” Emilyn clapped. “I’m going to tell her.” Emilyn left to tell Paige the good news.

“Really,” Paige gasped. “Thank you, thank you so much.”

“Don’t be too relieved, I want to visit your son first,” Christopher said. “Just to make sure you are not lying.” Emilyn was shocked that Christopher said that; she turned around and smacked him on his arm.

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