I woke and he was still holding me tightly.”You have trust issues.” I muttered.”No I don’t.” he answered with his groggy voice.I squirmed in his grip, “Can you let me go now? I’m sweating.”

He did and I stood up, “I have to change.” I signaled at the door for him to go.”Okay.” he said and closed his eyes.”Leave.” I muttered.He sighed and stood up before walking to me, “Five minutes.” he whispered and walked out closing the door behind himself.

I quickly grabbed a shirt from one of the bags and put it on. It was blue with a white cloud in the center at the top.I put on some black socks to match my leggings and walked towards the drawer he was trying to hide from me.I placed a hand on it and pulled… there was nothing.

I closed it, he must’ve changed the spot of whatever it was while I was sleeping. I opened another one.”Are you done checking my drawers?!” he yelled from behind the door.I closed the drawer, “What?!”He opened the door before I could run back to the bed.

He glanced at me and the cabinet, “Seriously?””I lost my ring.” I said hiding my left hand behind my back.”Sure.” he said staring at my arm, “Even if you did you might still want to burn it.””Hmm… it cost money.””How much?” he asked.”I don’t know…””I’ll buy it from you.””Why do you want it?””Confidential…” he said.

“Not for sale.” I said staring at it.”Why do you want it?””Confidential.” I answered with a wink.He sighed, “Copy cat.””Sure.” I walked towards him, “I’m hungry, let’s get breakfast.”He grabbed my arm, “Stop looking at my stuff.””Okay I will.” I said walking around him and heading to the kitchen downstairs.

The six of them were already sitting at the wooden dining table, “Did you sleep well?” asked Jin.I nodded… except for the fact that Jungkook almost choked me to death with his embrace.

I glanced at Suga and Taehyung as I sat at an empty chair in between Jimin and Jhope.Suga had his eyes closed, slouched in his seat and Taehyung was staring at him as he bit into a waffle.

“What do you want to eat?” asked Jin.”Anything is fine.” I said with a smile.”Have some of my waffles.” said Jimin sliding his plate towards me, “Jin always gives me to much.”I glanced at him, he was wearing a white shirt that made his smile seem brighter, managing to cover the fact that he had extremely messy hair.I grabbed one of his waffles and bit into it, “Thank you.”

There was a knock at the door, “I’ll get it!” yelled Jungkook from the living room.”Are we expecting anyone?” said Jimin.I looked at the guys and they all shook their heads.

“No sir she’s not hear!” yelled Jungkook.Rm stood up, “I’m going to see what’s going on.”Everyone at the table stayed silent as we tried to listen to what was going on.”Yes she’s your daughter but she’s not here.” said Rm.

“She owes me too much! That ungrateful kid! I’ll leave but if she is living with you guys just keep in mind that all of your families will suffer greatly!” yelled my father.

I stood and headed to the living room, I was about to get to the door when Jimin wrapped his hands around me, picking me up and pulling me back.

I was about to yell at him but Jhope placed a hand on my mouth, keeping me quiet.

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